Voice of the Customer

Your customers are your brand’s lifeblood. Carefully managing their journey from early awareness of your brand to when they’re established customers is vital to your brand’s long-term health.

Using analytics to track and gain insights on your existing customer base, as well as your prospective audience, will inform this journey, yield higher brand perception and sentiment, customer satisfaction, on-target products and services, and ultimately revenue growth.

A 360 View of Your Customer

Transform structured and unstructured sources of customer feedback into actionable insights that ultimately will be applied to higher customer satisfaction. Aggregate and analyze all sources of customer experience data including social, CRM, surveys, IVR, chat logs, and more to enable a deeper understanding of your customers.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customer base, including attitudes, preferences and expectations throughout the customer journey
  • Inform organizational improvements across several key areas, including investment priorities, product gaps, and loyalty drivers
  • Develop customer profiles to help identify additional target audiences and prospects

Improve and Measure Your Customer Care

Analyze thousands of conversations in real-time and gain deep context around customer facing issues, to know which are causing the most pain and how to focus your efforts to drive the highest customer satisfaction.

  • Identify trends and issues by looking at a unified view of all customer feedback
  • Spot previous unreported problems that impact customer satisfaction
  • Get out in front of issues before they overwhelm your organization’s support channels
  • Measure Your Customer satisfaction over time by tracking sentiment and passion

Increase Customer Acquisition

Learn what your customer base and audience care about, and what influences them to make purchasing decisions, to improve your segmentation and targeting, and create more personalized and relevant experiences.

  • Use customer experience analytics to define and hone your target customer profiles and address their needs
  • Identify sentiment and behavioral insights – such as what they buy, eat, and watch—to further enrich your customer profiles
  • Inform creative and placement strategies that connect with your audience
  • Create a baseline to measure the progress of current and future acquisition efforts

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