Uncover Emerging Trends

Brands that stay on the cutting edge are continuously monitoring their market and competitors for trends – emerging, peaking or diminishing. Trend analysis is a vital tool for informing campaigns, defining your next product, beating the competition, and ultimately, satisfying consumers.

Identify and Track Trends – Macro and Micro

Between the many social and news media sources, there’s a vast trove of consumer trend data to be mined. Building a meaningful trend analysis helps you visualize and monitor the major market trends and hone in on specific opportunities and niches.

  • Analyze and track conversation surrounding relevant market questions pertaining to your brand
  • Visualize the broad topics, and zoom in for cutting-edge ideas and hidden gems
  • Monitor trend shifts over time

Anticipate Trends Through Social Sentiment

Ever wonder how some brands seem to have a sixth sense around what will be hot with consumers next? You can do this too by mastering the art of using social sentiment to anticipate and evaluate trends in your vertical.

  • Use the “wisdom of the crowds” by tapping in to the social media conversation
  • Measure consumer passion levels around specific trends and themes
  • Identify specific trend aspects that tie to your particular brand or industry
  • Set up alerts for emotional spikes and dips

Boost Your Marketing and Share of Voice

Track your media and social performance to see what’s working, refine your strategy and messaging, and stay on top of trends and crises.

  • Monitor your share of voice in both social and news media coverage
  • Identify the topics and trends that can grow your reach and consumer sentiment
  • Maximize campaign effectiveness over time
  • Understand the content your target market is consuming and sharing
  • Uncover ‘content whitespaces’, new influencers, and other opportunities to expand your reach

Use the Competition to Inform Your Strategy

A strategic angle of trend analysis is monitoring your competition for their market trends and consumer sentiment. Their data can reveal opportunities for you to spot trend spikes and dips, address the unmet needs of their consumers, refine messaging, and even inform new products.

  • Watch your competitors’ consumer conversation and sentiment for unmet needs
  • See how competitors are responding to macro trends
  • Expand your view of how trends are affecting your specific market niche
  • Adjust your messaging and product strategies to stay ahead

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