Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality brands’ success is increasingly focused on the experience – customer traveler lifecycle, every touchpoint, and personalization opportunity rather than on products. Leading brands are using social listening to inform on strategy and the individual personalization needed to help them fully differentiate from the competition.

Understand Brand Perception in the Eyes of the Consumer

Your brand is being discussed online- do you know what kind of experience your customers are having? Social Analytics is the easiest way to get an accurate pulse of how your brand is perceived by consumers, presenting the opportunity to refine and improve to protect brand health and stay competitive.

  • Monitor conversations about your brand to quickly understand sentiment driven insights such as attributes, emotions and behaviors, easily digging into insights such as why people would or wouldn’t recommend your company, or understand what is driving “switching” behavior
  • Set alerts to be notified of volume changes, when consumers use certain phrases such as “boycott”, or when influential people have mentioned your brand
  • Easily share live reports with executives to quickly understand what is driving the conversation around your brand

Identify Share of Voice Among Competitors

Gaining a true understanding of brand health is impossible without also understanding how your brand fares versus competitors. The Netbase Customer Experience Analytics platform makes it easy to understand your brand’s share of voice among competitors, with the ability to quickly understand conversation volume, sentiment and brand passion and how brands fare in Netbase’s Brand Passion Index.

  • Understand share of voice among competitors by quickly digging into brand sentiment, passion intensity, conversation volume and how your brand stacks up in Netbase’s proprietary Brand Passion Index
  • Measure share of voice and sentiment versus competitors for core industry KPIs like customer service, location, amenities and custom KPIS as it relates to your industry
  • Analyze conversations around your competitors to understand shortcomings that can be used in your messaging and positioning

Identify Influencers to Amplify Your Message

The Netbase CX Analytics Platform makes it easy to find influencers that share your brand’s values, to partner in content that amplifies your reach and helps reach new customers.

  • Find relevant influencers that fit your brand’s messaging by looking at geography, interests, follower counts, engagement rates and much more
  • Understand how passionate an influencer’s following is by understanding metrics such as engagements per 10k posts which identifies which influencers have the most engaged followings
  • Monitor influencer campaigns by looking at metrics from owned, earned and “partnered” posts to identify lift from influencers

Create and Measure Data Driven Campaigns That Inspire Action

How to figure out that kind of content that will resonate with your target audience? The Data doesn’t lie- use customer experience analytics to figure out what kind of content will resonate with your audience, then, use the Netbase platform to monitor the campaign in real time to optimize for maximum impact.

  • Use the Netbase Customer Experience Platform to identify what kind of content and which social networks are most compelling for your target audience to drive strategy for your next campaign.
  • Monitor the campaign in real time to optimize and course correct for maximum impact
  • Easily monitor and understand campaign effectiveness by looking at conversations pre, during and post campaign

Use Social Insights to Improve Operational Efficiency

While no brand can be everywhere at all times, customer experience analytics provide insight into the experiences customers are having in real time, offering opportunities for operational improvement and efficiencies.

  • Use the attributes cloud in NetBase to uncover what people like or don’t like about your brand to identify potential operational issues related to customer service or HR
  • Listen to customer conversations to identify specific locations that don’t meet brand standards
  • Identify behavior drivers around your brand to identify potential issues that can be addressed, digging into behaviors such as “boycott”, “Not recommend” or “switch” to identify customer facing issues

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