Technology Scouting

NetBase Quid® works with strategy, research, and innovation teams across industries. Built-in databases and interactive data visualizations help businesses identify disruptive companies and technology in any industry to reveal opportunities for innovation.
How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis

Quickly Identify Key Areas of Growth

When it comes to making smart, informed strategic decisions around product innovation, AI-powered tech scouting capabilities give you the advantage in your market.

  • Spot central themes and emerging trends using comprehensive built-in data sets.
  • Detect product gaps and shortcomings to identify whitespace opportunities.
  • Accurately profile the target audience for your product innovation investment.

Find the Next Disruptive Technology

Analyze company profiles and patent applications, as well as news and social media to find the next disruptive technologies or those trending toward maturity in any industry.

  • Utilize a full spectrum of data resources to scout technology and product innovation opportunities.
  • Go deep to identify specific opportunities, niche trends and whitespace areas.
  • Track patent filing information for competitive positioning and trend-spotting.

Track Patents for Trends, Threats and Opportunities

Tracking patent filings in your market can provide vital competitive, technology evolution and consumer trend information to inform your own product strategy.

  •  Identify new technologies and potential partnerships that can strengthen your market share.
  • Drill-down into individual patents to validate your insights on thematic clusters and related technologies.
  • Gain a birds-eye view into shifting areas of focus or emerging threats in any technology space.

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