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Get a real-time view of the most important conversations around your brand

Learn how NetBase can help with your next social media audit

Let social analytics tools from NetBase help monitor, analyze and make sense of millions of conversations across social media. Get to the heart of what your audience thinks about your brand with powerful sentiment analysis features while measuring the true impact of your social campaigns. true impact of your social campaigns.

Audit your brand health

Stay on top of your brand health by auditing your brand’s social media channels, and conversations from 3rd parties.

Deep social analytics

Don’t settle for the simple surface metrics. Go deeper with NetBase’s social media listening solutions and drill down across owned, partnered, and earned channels, discover your audience, track events and campaigns, and more in one fully-integrated social listening solution.

Know more about your audience

Demographics are just the start. Get an intimate understanding of your audience’s emotions, behaviors, interests and affinities. Not sure where to start? Leverage NetBase’s 110+ pre-built audiences to help focus your research.

Accurate sentiment analysis and more

NetBase’s social media listening software also track Passion Intensity, Emotions, and Behaviors – giving you deeper insight into how your audience feels and acts towards your brand.

Monitor your brand's health

With our platform you get a real-time view of your brand’s health. Compare your brand directly to competitors across hundreds of dimensions. Stay on top of the most important conversations around your brand with our product..

Simple social analytics reporting

Create robust custom reports or use one of our hundreds of pre-formatted dashboards to easily create and share important information across your organization with our social listening solution.

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Our clients have experienced tremendous success with NetBase:

  • NRG gained 99.5% customer satisfaction rate

  • Coca Cola “Share a Coke” campaign drove 3x lift in engagement

  • CAMP + KING Reaches over 3 million With “Ugg for men” social campaign

  • Santy experienced 870% increase in social footprint

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