Social media sentiment Analysis



What is Social Media Sentiment Analysis?

Social Sentiment analysis is the use of natural language processing (NLP) to analyze social conversations online and determine deeper context as they apply to a topic, brand or theme. Our net sentiment score and brand passion index show how users feel about your brand and compares across your competitors.

3 Things you Need to Know


Identify emotions and depth of feeling

Emotions – big bold, volatile, passionate emotions – are the driving force behind everything social users share. If you don’t have a way to analyze all that shared sentiment, you can’t possibly know what matters most to the people you want to love your brand. To make the most of Social Media Sentiment Analysis, you’ve got to monitor conversations to learn two key things:

• Whether consumers’ emotions are positive or negative (Net Sentiment).
• How strong those emotions are (Passion Intensity).

When viewed through the lens of conversations about your brand, these combined metrics – measured on a scale from -100 to +100 – establish Brand Passion, a critical value in determining what actions you need to take next. To make that decision, you’ve got to look beyond your brand and get to know your audience intimately.

Ways You Can Use Sentiment:

  • Evaluating Your Brand’s Health
    To better understand consumer’s feelings towards your brand, it’s important to understand their social sentiment. This insight can lead to driving your understanding of feelings about your company, product, or service.
    The ROI can be significant by using an automatic sentiment analysis solution to obtain an overview of brand health.
  • Dealing with a Crisis
    Social sentiment can deliver signals into shifts in your brand health.
    ​A spike in negative posts about your brand can lead to a crisis. Your PR department can use social sentiment tools to find the root of the problem and establish a plan to correct this negativity.
  • Understanding the Competition
    Social sentiment is great in providing a better understanding of how your product or brand is perceived compared to the competition.Once you understand your competitors sentiments, you can use to develop new and innovative ways to change the conversation about your brand.

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

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