As retail brands move to mobile experiences and social engagement, e-commerce and personalization has blossomed into the consumer expecting “me-commerce”—an era of individualization and control over their buying process. Those retailers that are deploying social analytics are responding to this growing customer expectation and delivering differentiated offerings to grow their business.

Understand How Consumers Truly Feel About Your Brand

Does your Brand really know how it is perceived by the public? Customer Experience Analytics can help you level set your brand perception, helping it to evolve, redefine and compete in a crowded marketplace.

  • Understand brand perception by digging into sentiment, core attributes, behaviors and emotions driving your brand’s conversation
  • Identify which products in your product portfolio drive the most conversation to optimize marketing mix and strategy
  • Protect brand perception by being alerted in real time to conversation spikes, sentiment drops and when influential people mention your brand

Measure Share of Voice in a Crowded Retail Market

There’s no shortage of competitors out there- do you know how your brand is faring compared to all the newcomers in your segment? The NetBase CX platform makes it easy to understand your share of voice versus competitors and how you perform across industry specific KPIs.

  • Measure share of voice versus competitors to quickly understand your social footprint and how you compare in NetBase’s proprietary Brand Passion Index
  • Compare how your brand performs across key KPIs such as value, price, customer service and custom, industry specific metrics
  • Understand pain points with your competitors to drive positioning and messaging strategy

Discover and Capitalize on Trends in the Retail Space to Evolve and Stay Relevant

Your brand doesn’t operate in a vacuum so only listening to conversations about your brand ignores bigger industry trends that may be affecting your vertical, which is why categorical analysis is important for understanding larger consumer trends affecting your brand.

  • Use the NetBase CX platform to identify trends in your industry effecting consumer preferences and shopping behaviors to adjust product positioning, marketing mix and messaging
  • Identify unmet need in the market to create products the market is asking for or create new ways to use existing products
  • Uncover new audiences that are a good fit for your products based on industry trends

Partner with Influencers to Amplify Your Reach

Working with influencers is a great way to get your products in front of more people. But how do you identify which influencers are a good fit? The NetBase CX Analytics platform makes it easy to identify and measure influencers that are in line with your brand’s core values.

  • Use the NetBase CX platform to identify influencers based on follower counts, engagement rates, geography, bio text, verification status and much more
  • Find influencers with the most engaged audience by looking at relative engagement rate to identify which influencers have the most engaged followings
  • Monitor your owned, earned and partnered posts to identify lift from partnered posts

Optimize and Measure Campaigns for Maximum Impact

How does a brand identify a campaign strategy that is intriguing, relevant and on-tone with their target market? By using customer experience data as their guide, brands can create campaigns that resonate with their target audience, on the right channels and with the right messaging.

  • Use the Netbase CX Analytics platform to identify what audiences and what kind of content should drive a campaign
  • Monitor a campaign in real time to optimize and course correct as the campaign unfolds to maximize effectiveness
  • Measure conversations before, during and post campaign to understand conversation shifts and measure purchase intent

Monitor Product Launches in Real Time to Maximize Effectiveness

Launching a new product is an exciting albeit stressful time in the market. Sold out product is a great problem to have for a company, but can end in disappointment and frustration for customers. Customer Experience Analytics allows a brand to listen as the conversation unfolds in real time to interact with customers and share any product launch issues with the operational team.

  • Listen to consumer conversations before the launch to identify optimal timing, channel strategy and messaging for your launch
  • Monitor conversations in real time during the launch to uncover any hiccups in your launch that can be corrected before they become a larger issue
  • Easily compare this product launch to previous product launches to measure effectiveness using Netbase’s 51 months of history

Use Consumer Experience Analytics to Improve Operational Efficiency

Consumer conversations are a relative focus group at your fingertips, offering insights into how your organization can improve in all areas and operate more efficiently, which are all things that ultimately effect a company’s bottom line.

  • Monitor conversations around your brand including customer service, quality and price to understand areas that have room for improvement
  • Alert manufacturing to potential merchandise issues or faulty products based on customer conversations to avoid brand damaging recalls
  • Understand consumer conversations around customer service to aid in employee training policies.

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