Restaurant success is heavily influenced by economic forces, rising food costs, changing consumer palettes, and high employee turnover. Given these challenges, with social analytics, restaurant brands can be both more creative and nimbler to attract and impress their consumers in order to grow sales and brand perception within a very competitive market.

Understand Brand Perception and Competitive Landscape

  • Easily understand how consumers feel about your brand, digging into key attributes, emotions and behaviors to understand what people like or dislike and why they would/would not eat at your restaurant
  • Understand competitive share of voice in your space, with the ability to understand how your brand compares to others in NetBase’s proprietary Brand Passion Index
  • Benchmark Your brand versus others according to key KPIS such as price, menu, ingredients or any custom KPIS bespoke to your brand or industry

Identify and Track Consumer Trends Affecting Dining Preferences

  • Uncover consumer trends and preferences affecting the dining landscape such as vegan, gluten free, non-GMO or hormone free driving conversations and dining behaviors
  • Use social insights to drive menu optimization and messaging to resonate with changing consumer preferences
  • Identify niche audience preferences for regional dining preferences or seasonal menu items

Partner with the Right Influencers to Amplify Your Message

Working with Influencers is a surefire way to amplify your message to more people. But finding influencers who share your brand values isn’t always as easy as you think. NetBase makes it easy to identify influencers that share your values, with the ability to track campaign lift from their partnered messaging.

  • Identify influencers who share your core values by digging into bio text, geography, conversation tone, number of followers, engagement rates and more
  • Audit influencers to understand engagements per 10k followers to identify which influencers have the most engaged following
  • Track owned, earned and partnered posts to understand lift, engagements and sentiment shifts in messaging pre, during and post campaign

Identify and Stop Crisis Situations Before They Go Viral

The smart phone makes everyone a citizen journalist these days- great for food porn photos, not so great when bad experiences are caught on camera. Luckily, the NetBase platform makes it easy to spot potential crisis situations so they can be handled effectively before they turn into a full blown PR nightmare.

  • Easily spot potential crisis situations by digging into behaviors, watching for words like “boycott” to understand potential crisis situations
  • Set up alerts to be notified when conversation volumes are out of the norm, influencers have discussed your brand or certain keywords are being used
  • Share interactive, dynamic Live reports with team members to monitor issues in real time

Optimize New Product Launches with Real Time Insights

Launching a new product is an exciting, albeit stressful time. Social Analytics provide real time insight into your launch to help optimize messaging and product logistics and coordination, ensuring your launch goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Use social analytics to identify optimal announcement release times, messaging and channels to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness
  • Monitor conversations in real time to understand reactions and amplify buzz
  • Identify situations around product availability to alert operational teams

Leverage Customer Experience Analytics to Drive Operational Improvement and Efficiency

The data doesn’t lie! Use customer experience insights to identify room for improvement across your restaurants and all your customer touchpoints.

  • Use social insights to identify issues and inefficiencies to drive organizational improvement
  • Use localized insights to identify why some restaurants perform better than others, fueling improvements across all restaurant locations
  • Identify geographic preferences to drive seasonal menus that attract new customers

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