Real Time Crisis Management

A crisis is a company’s worst nightmare, so the speed of an organization’s response is key to controlling damage to your brand’s reputation. NetBase delivers real-time insight on emerging situations before things spiral out of control and provides the context needed to respond swiftly.

Understand Your Brand Exposure

Analyze all data sources – social media, digital, customer care and others – to identify where problems lie and take action, responding with a targeted message. Understand the context of an issue and speak from an informed point of view.

  • Understand the magnitude of each issue and its impact on brand sentiment
  • Eliminate errors and reduce the latency for delivering critical insights to the business
  • Evaluate the strength and direction of sentiment to measure the velocity of an event
  • Prioritize issues by type and severity to minimize risk to brand reputation
  • Break down conversations to inform messaging for an appropriate response

Be the first to Know About the Crisis

When brand reputation is on the line, every second counts – yet, on average, it takes 21 HOURS before companies issue meaningful response to defend themselves. NetBase improves response time and offers context necessary to address emerging crises with all the essential insight at your fingertips.

  • Alert to sudden changes in mention volume or sentiment before issues go viralGrow your business by understanding the loyalty concerns your target customers have, and how to keep them happy
  • Know where a crisis began, what activities triggered the event, and who is amplifying the news
  • Understand the context around an issue to determine the best course of action

Be Quick to Act and Control the Chaos

During a crisis, the noise from all the different customer engagement channels, particularly social media, can be deafening. Social media analytics provides contextual analysis of what’s being said, by whom, and where.

  • Know where, when, and how to respond to the crisisWhere are customers getting stuck and what should you do about it, with this new, immediate visibility into their challenges?
  • Inform your messaging strategy to deliver an appropriate response to mitigate the risk to brand reputation
  • Quickly pinpoint channels with the most conversation volume, and understand which channel is driving the most negative feedback.

Fully Understand How a Crisis Impacts Your Competitors

Industry events and regulatory issues can affect an entire industry or category, so how you respond has direct impact on your competitive position in the market. Improve your customer focus to deliver more personal and relevant customer experiences

  • Determine whether a crisis is limited to your brand or whether it affects your competitors as well.
  • See how customers are responding and adjust your message accordingly.
  • Identify and act upon events facing your competitors is an advantage you should certainly explore. You can be sure they will be!

Measure the Impact of Brand Intervention on the Crisis

Measure the impact of a speedy response. Track changing brand sentiment through social media analytics to assess Public Relations’ effectiveness at managing the situation through the eyes of your customer.

  • Analyze brand sentiment before, during, and after a crisis
  • Measure the impact of brand intervention on consumer sentiment
  • Compare it to historical benchmarks to be sure things have returned to normal
  • Measure crisis responsiveness to improve internal communication and improve efficiency

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