Protect Brand

A brand is the collective whole of all the touchpoints and interactions consumers have with a brand, in addition to the messaging that comes directly from a company. The bottom line is: companies don’t control brand perception, consumers do. And brand perception affects many things, with the biggest impact ultimately on your bottom line.

Understand Brand Health and Consumer Perception Through the Eyes of Your Consumers and the Media

Understanding how your consumers and the media talk about brand experiences is critical to actively protecting brand health and building brand equity. Analyze large volumes of customer experience data from any source – at scale and in real-time to know what is being said and shared about your brand at every moment.

  • Monitor brand perception through consumer feedback channels and the media in real time
  • Gain visibility into the conversations and context that shape consumer opinion
  • Track brand sentiment and conversation volume over time to see if things are getting better or worse

Identify Key Factors Affecting Brand Passion

Most customer purchases are won on emotion. The more positive the passion for the brand, the less the customer relies on price as the deciding factor. Learn what excites your customers most and leverage those insights to increase their loyalty.

  • Identify product attributes, experiences, and service issues that drive brand passion
  • Find out why customers love your brand and amplify your strengths
  • Better understand how your customers feel about you vs. your competitors
  • Pinpoint audience perceptions at a global, regional or local level

Monitor Your Brand Position in the Media

According to Forbes, brands that are perceived as strong generate higher profit margins than others, further proving that brand perception does indeed impact your bottom line.

  • Take stock of your company messaging – does it reflect your brand’s beliefs and values?
  • Track the news narrative –how is your company being talked about in the news?
  • Identify opportunities, risks, trends, partnerships
  • Assess the competition: news coverage, perception, share of voice

Measure How Your Brand Stacks Up Against the Competition

Understanding your brand’s competitive rank is very important in protecting your reputation, retaining customers, and growing your business. Identify what is driving brand conversations and pinpoint sentiment-driven behaviors, emotions, and attributes, to understand what consumers like, dislike or love about a brand. Additionally, monitor your market perception and competitive position perception vis-à-vis the news media.

  • Benchmark your competitive share of voice
  • Track brand sentiment to see where you rank in your category
  • See what your competitors are doing and how customers are responding
  • Understand your competitive position in the media
  • Compare consumer reaction to attributes such as price, service, and/or delivery


Analyze real-time customer experience data alongside business metrics for complete visibility into your business. Track operational KPIs and measure the influence of brand health on customer behavior, business drivers, and financial results.

  • Integrate customer experience analytics into your Business Intelligence (BI) platform for real-time decision making
  • Measure the impact of brand health on customer care, customer retention, and new and upsell revenue
  • Prioritize service improvements that will have the biggest influence on your business results

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