Post Office leverages social listening to inform their entire business

Social media intelligence drives operational change and customer activation across 11,000 locations


The Post Office has over 11,000 locations, several thousand of which are run by franchise postmasters. These locations offer a variety of services from mail, to financial services, telephony and ID services. Post Office has integrated social listening as a core competency of their marketing team, leveraging social listening to impact all aspects of their business. From running more effective campaigns, to activating their customers, to addressing operational and customer service questions.


Improved operational efficient and lower wait times across locations
113% increase in campaign effectiveness
80% reduction in misinformation about Post Office shared online


Managing a large organization’s volume of conversation challenge

Post Office Ltd manages over 11,000 locations, several thousand of which are run by franchise post masters. With such a large organization it’s a huge challenge to manage the volume of conversation and ensure that each location is operating efficiently.

Darren Jones (Sr. Social Media Manager, Post Office Ltd.) discusses how Post Office leverages NetBase to amplify social campaigns, activate their customer base, and effect operational change across over 11,000 locations.


Isolate the relevant social media conversation each day

To support so many locations and stakeholders Post Office needed a social listening tool that would help them isolate the relevant conversation out of the billions of posts on social media each day.

NetBase also integrates with Post Office’s customer care tool Lithium. This integration leverages NetBase’s industry-best NLP and recall ensures that Post Office customer service never misses an important post from a customer.


Investment in social listening is paying off for Post Office

The results at Post Office speak for themselves. Whether it’s addressing wait times during busy parts of the day, or increasing campaign reach and engagement, Post Office is getting big results from their investment in social listening.

  • Reduced wait times for customers – Identified when branches needed additional counter coverage based on social media conversations reduced queue times at multiple locations
  • 113% increase in campaign effectiveness – running campaigns with NetBase social media intelligence lead to an increase in subscribers by 113% and generated over 36,000 additional conversations about Post Office on social media
  • Improved brand health – triggered alerts in NetBase led to an 80% reduction in misinformation about Post Office shared online
Post Offices are the heart of communities across the UK. Social insights from NetBase allow us to keep track of what’s going on at a local level, activate and engage with our customer base, and to ultimately, help our local post offices grow and prosper

Darren Jones

Senior Social Media Manager, Post Office Ltd

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