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Coca-Cola wanted to leverage the success of the “Share a Coke” campaign on social networks, but needed a new way to reach consumers. They turned to NetBase Audience 3D to create large Twitter audiences, who were engaged with personalized ads.


3x lift in engagement
More efficient targeting
Increased campaign buzz


Getting Noticed in a Saturated Market

Coca-Cola is a global leader in both the beverage industry and in creating highly memorable marketing campaigns. In 2013, the company made a big splash by swapping its famous logo with individual names, from Aaron to Zach. The campaign, known as “Share a Coke,” was a resounding success and has been credited with reversing a decade-long decline in U.S. Coke consumption.

To build on the success of the “Share a Coke” campaign, Coca-Cola and its agency partners wanted to leverage social networks, such as Twitter, to increase awareness and engagement. But simply broadcasting the campaign message in the crowded social ad market would not be sufficient. They needed a new way to reach consumers.


A Personalized Way to Reach Millions

In the spirit of the “Share a Coke” campaign’s focus on personal experiences, the company decided to target users by first name, with a call to action to purchase personalized Coke bottles. To do this, Coca-Cola turned to NetBase Audience 3D. NetBase built large audiences of people on Twitter using the 40 most popular names, such as Chris and Lisa. These unprecedented, custom audiences contained over 4 million users in total. Then, Coca-Cola created Tailored Audiences that were engaged via Twitter with highly personalized messaging and creative.


3x Lift in Campaign Engagement

Coca-Cola’s highly targeted messaging was a surprise and delight for its audience. Just imagine seeing a Coke ad with your own name on it! This unique, personal approach skyrocketed the engagement rate by more than 3x the average CPG campaign engagement.

The campaign had resounding success in generating buzz for the “Share A Coke” campaign, resulting in a 10x lift in customer engagement on Twitter.

The Atlanta-based soda giant is employing Twitter’s Tailored Audiences platform in an innovative way to create this targeted style of advertising. It would certainly interest any marketer that is looking to increase its clickthrough rates on the microblogging platform.

Christopher Heine

Technology Editor, Adweek*

*Source: Coke’s New Twitter Ads Call Out Viewers by Name Social Promos Get Personal, 2015

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