Through market research, companies reduce uncertainties, build confidence, and achieve mission critical business objectives. Still, some decision makers rely on their own experience, intuition, and opinions to make critical decisions. And this is the exact opposite of what needs to happen in today’s consumer-driven business environment.

In this eBook, Evolving Market Research Trends & Capabilities to Inform Critical Decisions, we explore how market research has evolved to be hybrid, dynamic and continuous. There are 10 trends taking shape you should be aware of:

  1. Holistic Consumer & Market Intelligence
  2. Phasing Out Traditional Research with AI Adoption
  3. Adjacent Markets
  4. Aligning Mission Statement with Consumer Values
  5. Smart Surveys Capturing Targeted Insight
  6. Real-Time Social Listening Adoption
  7. Renewed Focus on Quality of Metrics
  8. Trend Tracking Over Longer Periods of Time
  9. Uncovering & Redefining Customer Experiences
  10. Fewer Platforms for More Powerful Results

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