Britvic Uses NetBase to Launch an Unknown Brand in a Crowded Market

Analyzing Deeper Into Social Conversations Reveals A New Audience


Using NetBase for their social intelligence, the company and its agency partner Zocalo defined a “precision marketing” strategy for getting the right content to the right people at the right time.


Brand Awareness grew significantly by 9%
200% increase in customer activations
Social conversations led to higher sentiment


Launching an Unknown Brand in a Crowded Market

How do you launch an unknown product in a new market with a limited budget? That’s the question Britvic, a leading UK-based beverage company, was faced with as it prepared to introduce the Fruit Shoot brand into a highly competitive United States’ juice market. Without the brand recognition and budget of established category juggernauts Capri Sun and Kool-Aid, Britvic needed to capitalize on social to gain significant traction and competitive advantage against the competition.

Britvic needed to be incredibly efficient and strategic to be successful in launching their Fruit Shoot brand in the US market. Established brands Capri Sun and Kool-Aid owned the conversation around the juice category with strong brand equity with moms. In fact, Kool-Aid was so ingrained in consumer consciousness that they still dominated the social share of voice in the category, even without an active social media presence. Britvic quickly realized that the brand strategy developed for their native UK market, which they understood well, needed to adapt to resonate with their new American audience. The beverage company needed deeper insights into the US market to give them the best possible chance for success.


Discovering the Keys to a Winning Campaign

Britvic and their agency partner Zocalo leveraged NetBase listening to understand the social conversations around the juice category to inform every aspect of their campaign strategy including content, targeting, and media buys. They quickly zeroed in on their target audience, which they dubbed “movable moms,” who were not necessarily focused on organic or focused on sugarfree drinks. One of the key traits this target audience was that they tended to be more active on social media, often sharing personal product recommendations. One key finding was the brand discovered a lot of negativity around the entire juice category on social media. Using this insight, they developed a blogger program to let credible third party “influencers” tell the Britvic story mom-to-mom, avoiding negative conversation sentiment around the juice category and brand.


Drinking in Success

As they started pulling social data together with other research, Britvic and Zocalo found that attitudinally they were able to actually create a marketing campaign that was extremely effective. By focusing on the market and then focusing even farther on the audience within that market, they were able to get a much better lift in their engagement. Using social conversation analysis to inform their creative and messaging refinements refresh creative led to higher sentiment, lower CPMs and CPEs. By focusing on those folks who were most receptive to the message, and making sure that message was relevant to that target market, the brand saw not only a increase in brand passion intensity, the brand’s growth in prompted awareness also grew significantly by 9%. And that success had a direct impact on in-store consumer activity.

By tracking customer activations in real time during their summer campaign, the brand realized a whopping 200% increase in the number of customers who purchased the Fruit Shoot product in the previous week from the beginning to the end of the campaign.

  • Brand Awareness grew significantly by 9%
  • 200% increase in customer activations
  • Social conversations led to higher sentiment

Success isn’t just about conversation volume – NetBase let us drill down a level deeper beyond “vanity” metrics. We look at passion intensity as indicator of whether our challenger brand is making headway with consumers and sentiment drivers to see if conversations are tied to an emotion or behavior we’re trying to drive. NetBase is an important part of our campaign strategy.

Paul Rand

CEO, Zocalo Group

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