7-Eleven Finds Loyal Fans to Drive Engagement

A Product Inspired By Social


7-Eleven, Inc. wanted to launch a brand new Slurpee flavor to the fans who were most likely to enjoy it, but realized it would be a challenge to reach these people. Using NetBase Audience 3D, the company identified a unique audience of passionate fans and developed messaging just for them.


Extended campaign reach to 3 million people
12x engagement rate of prior campaigns
Lift in total engagements


Finding Fans in Social Media

It goes without saying that 7-Eleven Slurpee drinks are a customer favorite, with over 14 million sold each month. 7-Eleven recently introduced a SOUR PATCH® Watermelon-Flavored Slurpee®, a brand new flavor inspired by chatter on social media. The company saw that fans were already asking for and enjoying both products together, so they created a new treat combining the two products.

7-Eleven knew that the launch of the SOUR PATCH Watermelon Slurpee could be huge—but only if executed with precision to passionate Slurpee and SOUR PATCH Kids fans. Typical ad targeting attributes (age, gender, location) wouldn’t be reliable in this case, so the challenge lay in identifying and reaching these passionate fans.


Reaching the Right Audience

From Slurpee fans to SOUR PATCH Kids lovers, 7-Eleven wanted to identify audiences who would be the best match for their new product. With NetBase Audience 3D, the company tapped into Twitter’s massive data set to find unique audiences within the vast social world. Using Audience 3D, 7-Eleven identified users who had talked positively about Slurpee or SOUR PATCH Kids. They were also able to identify large audiences who had expressed an interest in other sour candy brands and convenience stores. Using insights about the audience’s interests, habits, and affinities, 7-Eleven developed unique messaging for each segment and launched a Promoted Tweet campaign.


Slurpee Fan Engagement Exceeds Expectations

The SOUR PATCH Watermelon Slurpee launch campaign on Twitter proved to be wildly successful for the company, surpassing expectations in both engagement rate and total number of engagements.

  • Extended campaign reach to 3 million people
  • Users targeted with Audience 3D had 2x the engagement rate of prior campaigns
  • Significant increase in engagement for the campaign due to specific target audience and increased engagement rate

The Sour Patch Kids Slurpee product was a true customer driven innovation – directly uncovered from social. With NetBase Audience 3D, were were able to identify passionate audience segments that would love our new Slurpee. This helped us extend reach by 3 million users and increased engagement by 2X, making this one of the year’s most successful activations.

Matthew Schmertz

Senior Manager - Digital Marketing,

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