In the wake of the COVID pandemic, the Food & Beverage industry experienced seismic shifts in everything from manufacturing and distribution of products to consumer interactions. Notably in this period, the industry has seen a re-energized consumer focus around a variety of category-defining trends including seamless delivery & dining out services, budget-friendly options, food sustainability, science & nutrition, and ethical and responsible sourcing.

The Social Media Industry Report 2021: Food & Beverage explores each trend, sharing key indicators, including a broad view of the landscape, with the volume of posts and accompanying sentiment, and the regional and demographic differences we’re seeing.

The report showcases brands that are all over these trends and performing well in each or across the board! Read the report to understand:

  • How trends such as food sustainability and ethical sourcing are rapidly changing the industry, its consumer focus, infrastructure and technology
  • Where the conversation is happening by volume, demographics and region
  • Why brands such as Chobani, Chipotle, and Costco are gaining traction and receiving accolades for their actions.
  • Download a copy of this report at

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