The over-the-counter (OTC) drug market continues to grow, but so do factors that make it increasingly difficult for OTC brands to compete and win. For pharma brands to compete favorably in the current market, it’s imperative to understand the evolving needs and sentiment of the consumer, as well as trends and threats as they arise in the market. Key to success is tapping into the vast trove of consumer and market data to derive meaningful insights, and this is where AI-powered analytics play a key role.

The 2022 Consumer & Market Industry Report: Over-The-Counter Brands analyzes millions of datapoints from social channels, review site, news, blogs, and many others, to explore a select snapshot of top brands spanning a variety of popular over-the-counter healthcare categories, such as pain relievers; cough, cold & flu; skin ailments; and several more. The examples compare top brands and showcase invaluable consumer and market analytics use cases including understanding competition, tracking evolving trends, identifying influencers, and monitoring the patient voice.

Analyzing brands such as Advil, Vicks, Flonase, Similac, and Natrol, this report covers:

  • The importance of digital consumer & market intelligence to OTC brands
  • The state of over-the-counter drug sales and the growing threat of private label
  • OTC brand rankings by drugstore aisle: cough, cold & flu, allergy & sinus, digestive health, kids’ health, skin ailments, and emotional health
  • Use cases such as identifying influencers, analyzing patient voice, category shifts, trend spotting, and competitive analysis

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