Product Innovation

NetBase Quid® works with strategy, research, communications, and innovation teams across industries. Built-in databases and interactive data visualizations help businesses scout emerging innovation, identify risks, zero in on opportunities for growth or acquisition, and much more.

Enrich Your Market Research

When it comes to making smart, informed strategic decisions around product innovation, AI-powered market research capabilities give you the advantage

  • Spot industry and product trends as they evolve
  • Identify the companies, topics, and people that are gaining influence over time
  • Conduct thorough market, competitive and risk analysis
  • Detect gaps, whitespace opportunities, and shortcomings
  • Accurately profile the target audience for your product innovation investment

Find the Next Disruptive Technology

Analyze news and social media, company profiles and patent applications to find the next disruptive technologies in any industry

  • Utilize a full spectrum of data resources to scout technology and product innovation opportunities
  • Go deep to identify specific opportunities, niche trends and whitespace areas
  • Track patent filing information for competitive positioning and trend-spotting

Research Merger & Acquisition Opportunities

Merger & Acquisition is often the fast-track to product innovation and market growth, but placing the right strategic bet is tricky. Use deep data analytics to research M&A candidates, understand position, technology and market fit, and land the right partner.

  • Spot promising growth segments and new opportunities
  • Identify and research specific targets for merger or acquisition
  • Develop a 360 degree analysis of your top M&A candidates
Reduce Handle Time

Assess the Risks

A strategic risk analysis provides you with early detection of opportunities, potential risks, and information you need to respond proactively

  • Analyze the risks associated with your strategy through market, technology, patent and competitive research
  • Drill down into either the macro risks in the industry and the micro risks associated with specific competitors or niche opportunities

Track Patents for Trends and Opportunities

Tracking patent filings in your marketplace can provide vital competitive, technology evolution and consumer trend information to inform your own product strategy.

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