NetBase Quid and Twitter Kick-Off FIFA World Cup™ with #FútbolTwitter

NetBase Quid, a global leader in AI-powered consumer and market intelligence, in partnership with Twitter, announced the results from its latest report, #FútbolTwitter, which uncovers and analyzes global Twitter conversations around the FIFA World Cup 2022.

With a fanbase of 3.5 billion people — half the world’s population — fútbol is a global phenomenon. The report reveals conversation about #Fútbol has grown significantly over the past year, as Twitter mentions of related keywords increased by 114%. With tournaments like the #WomensEuro and #WorldCup fast approaching, conversation in the #Fútbol community has surged in AfricaAsia, and the Americas. Growth also seems to center around regional leagues and clubs.

“Soccer or Futbol, as the global community says, is king in virtually all parts of the world and we are already seeing a massive increase in year over year growth of social conversations and the World Cup has not started, yet,” said Mike Baglietto, Senior Director, Product Marketing at NetBase Quid. “Fans look beyond the 90-minute matches to interact with each other both pre- and post-game and this year’s report is packed with key insights for brands to stay on top of these consumer trends and behaviors. Critical to decision making, consumer and market intelligence allows brands to track these trends as they’re forming.”

The report revealed the following key trends, along with many others:

  • Fans bring #fútbol conversations into the virtual universe. Tweets within the #Fútbol community about collectible, tradeable club and player NFTs have exploded by 1,092% from 2021 to 2022. Regions with the most audience growth in immersive experiences online, such as NFTs and virtual #Fútbol included:
    • Asia: +135%
    • Europe: +121%
    • North America: +87%
  • Audience growth has accelerated in Africa and is driven by a record number of Africans now playing in European leagues. Audiences grew in several regions, including:
    • Morocco: +137%
    • Cameroon: +93%
    • Senegal: +51%
  • Latin America and Africa experienced the most significant increases of female-led #fútbol conversations on Twitter. The regions that saw the highest increases include:
    • AfricaSenegal (+688%), Morocco (+604%), Cameroon (+561%)
    • Latin AmericaChile (+190%), Mexico (+173%), Colombia (+170%)

“With the World Cup quickly approaching, the conversation around Soccer or Futbol, as it is known by the global community, is a huge opportunity for brands. Twitter has become the global megaphone for fans to interact with each other pre- during and post-game,” said Gregory Maxson, Head of Partnerships at Twitter. “NetBase Quid’s Twitter Birdseye Futbol Communities report is packed with key insights for brands to stay on top of these consumer trends and behavior.”

Fútbol has a global reach and is continuing to increase its visibility with the intersection of Web3 and the metaverse. Along with the increase of female-led #Fútbol conversations and women’s team followings, these shifts are a big opportunity for brands to reach fans broadly across regions, audience demographics, and the virtual world.

This data is based on the research presented in the Birdseye Report: #Fútbol, which analyzes global Tweets from September 15, 2021 to September 15, 2022.

To read the full report and download a copy, please visit:

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