NetBase Announces Tumblr Firehose Partnership

Partnership will increase NetBase content by more than 30 billion new posts by end of 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. – May 4, 2015 – NetBase, the enterprise-scale social media analytics company, has secured a firehose partnership with Tumblr. This partnership will provide access to the feed of all public activity on the Tumblr platform. The partnership will grow NetBase index by more than 30 billion Tumblr posts by year-end and provide greater depth of insight and broader reach for brands and agencies.

NetBase customers will gain a more comprehensive view into the conversations occurring between members of the Tumblr community — most of whom are between the ages of 18 and 34 and engaging on the platform for its highly unique, creative, and visual content. The NetBase platform will enable NetBase customers to:

  • View and analyze publicly available posts, images, videos, and links
  • Track post volume over time and top posts
  • Gain insight into popular topics and sentiment across the platform

“Tumblr is an invaluable resource for brands looking to gain insight into the highly sought after millennial audience,” said Peter Caswell, chief executive officer at NetBase. “By tapping into Tumblr’s firehose, NetBase is able to boost our ability to provide the most complete read of social media analytics for stronger business impact.”

Tumblr analytics will become available to NetBase customers starting May 8, 2015.

About NetBase

NetBase is the award-winning social analytics platform that global companies use to run brands, build businesses, and connect with consumers every second. Its platform processes millions of social media posts daily for actionable business insights for marketing, research, customer service, sales, PR, and product innovation. NetBase is a trusted partner to American Airlines, Arby’s, Coca-Cola, Ogilvy, T-Mobile, Universal Music Group, Walmart, and YUM! Brands. Learn more at or @NetBase. See your brand’s social movement in real-time with NetBase LIVE Pulse™.

Press Contact for NetBase:

Brittany McLaughlin
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