American Airlines Changes Its Tune for Passengers

American Airlines Changes Its Tune for Passengers

The Internet is full of complainers – just check the comment thread of pretty much anything for confirmation of this fun fact (and don’t feed the trolls) – but when you’re a major brand, complaints, especially those that arrive in the moment via social media, offer a...
We’re Heading South (by Southwest) – Join Us!

We’re Heading South (by Southwest) – Join Us!

If you’re not already planning to attend SXSW, the music/film/technology conference held annually in Austin TX, then we’re about to give you a reason. NetBase will be there taking part in a variety of events throughout the Interactive portion, which runs from March 13...

Content Be Nimble, Content Be Quick

Agile marketing demands in-the-moment content that’s timely, relevant and resonant.   Even though most brands now aspire to recreate Oreo’s “Dunk in the Dark” Super Bowl success, they can appear as nothing more than “Duds in the Spotlight” should they miss the mark. ...

CGT Readers Rank Us in Top Five

NetBase continues our momentum into 2014. This is big news because our customers delivered this award to us. Our customers selected NetBase as “Top 5 Provider in Social Media” in Consumer Goods Technology’s (CGT) 2014 Readers’ Choice Survey. CGT’s readers ranked the...

Linto the Sunset: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

Well, looks like the Linsanity continues! As the old adage goes, if you can make it there  (New York City), you can make it anywhere – and Jeremy Lin made it in less than a handful of months with the NY Knicks, moving from a friend’s couch to the Trump Towers. But...

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