Food and Beverage Industry Solutions

Food and Beverage Food and beverage brands need social listening to meet the growing challenges of new products in the market and changing tastes and perceptions of their consumers. With social media analytics brands are better understanding their brand health,...

Protect Brand Health

Protect Brand Health A brand is the collective whole of all the touchpoints and interactions consumers have with a brand, in addition to the messaging that comes directly from a company. The bottom line is: companies don’t control brand perception, consumers do. And...

Real Time Crisis Management

Real Time Crisis Management A crisis is a company’s worst nightmare, so the speed of an organization’s response is key to controlling damage to your brand’s reputation. NetBase delivers real-time insight on emerging situations before things spiral out of control and...
2019 Luxury Brands Industry Report

2019 Luxury Brands Industry Report

Wondering how top Automobile, Beauty, Fashion, High-end, Hotels, Jewelry, eCommerce and Retail luxury brands are faring in this increasingly social media-driven environment? So were we! You can see what we discovered in NetBase’s 2019 Luxury Brands Industry Report –...
5 Ways Instagram Stories Boost Engagement

5 Ways Instagram Stories Boost Engagement

Any brand manager worth his/her salt knows that Instagram is the place to be by now, but questions abound around the best ways to use it – and there are many. One top tactic employed by the savviest of brands revolves around using Instagram’s Stories. And we’re...
NetBase Releases Interactive AI Battlebot

NetBase Releases Interactive AI Battlebot

 When online speaks, we listen. With insight informed by powerful Next Generation AI capabilities, we’ve been able to keep our clients ahead of the curve at every turn – and now we’re moving beyond that and taking a bold step ahead of the pack. We’re elated to...
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