How to Visualize Data the Right Way 

How to Visualize Data the Right Way 

Data visualization is a potent tool for brands. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Insights from visualized data are impactful to a brand’s decision-makers when executed correctly. Poor data visualizations fail to provide helpful intel and also create...
7 Tips for Text Analysis Success

7 Tips for Text Analysis Success

Text analysis is the process of sorting, analyzing and gaining insight from text sources. The digital age produces enormous amounts of text data that is overwhelming yet rich in insight. Thanks to data science and artificial intelligence, machine learning can mine the...
A Guide to Natural Language Processing

A Guide to Natural Language Processing

Have you been wondering what Natural Language Processing (NLP) is and why so many companies are using it? We created this guide to everything NLP to walk you through what it is, how it works, where you should be using it and some tips to get you started! It’s a primer...
10 Market Research Trends in 2021

10 Market Research Trends in 2021

Navigating the market with inadequate information is like fumbling around in the pre-dawn hours for your keys. Filling your coffers with consumer, competitive and market intelligence pulls back the curtains and opens the windows breathing new life into the way you do...
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