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Power Your Brand With Consumer and Market Intelligence



Keynote Session: New Rules For A New World

Mike Walsh
Futurist Speaker


Keynote Session: The Future of Consumer and Market Intelligence is Here

Bob Goodson

NetBase Product

Using Consumers as Compass, how iHeartMedia Fast-Tracked its Product and Service Offerings in Reaction to the Pandemic

Hetal Patel
EVP, SmartAudio Insights & Analytics

Quid Product

Turning Customer Win/Loss Insights into Action

James Turrentine
Lead Analyst – Customer Success Insights

Quid Product

Business Critical Issues: Using Quid for issues mapping and thought leadership

Antonio Ortolani
Global Head of Analytics


Keynote Session: Making the Tech-Driven Future More Human

Kate O’Neill
Founder & CEO

NetBase Product

Agile, Nimble & Informed: How Social Analytics Guides the Largest Travel Brands

Brandon Billings
VP, Social Media & Content Strategy

NetBase Quid Products

Discovering What’s Influencing Coronavirus Vaccine Hesitancy Through Integrated Insights

Nicki Zink

NetBase Product

StarKist Uses New Consumer Research Techniques

Andy Mecs
VP of Marketing and Innovation

Quid Product

Data -Driven Business Decisions with Quid Pro: Uncovering New Opportunities for Quaker Grits Based on Consumer Contacts and Cultural Trends

Sydney Perotti
Communications Analyst

NetBase Product

How MANSCAPED™ Cultivated a Community of Male Grooming Enthusiasts

Tyler Wentworth
Director of Social

Quid Product

AI-Driven Corporate Strategy: Predicting M&A

Michael Trudeau
Senior Director, Corporate Strategy

NetBase Quid Products

The Future of Cannabis Policy: A Data First GR Strategy

Caitlan Gallagher
Senior Director, Insight

NetBase Product

Beyond Clicks & Impressions

Joseph Gudino
Manager, Social

NetBase Product

Social Listening for Social Justicees

Shelina Taki
Director of Consumer Insights

NetBase Product

How Chili’s Leveraged NetBase to Bring Social Playbook to Life

Luz Bickert
Social Media Manager

NetBase Product

Understanding Community Trends: How F5 Uses Social Listening to Pull Actionable Insights

Drew Milam
Global Social Media Marketing Sr. Manager / Sr. Social Media Strategist


Keynote Session: Ubertrends – How Trends and Innovation are Transforming Our Futures

Michael Tchong
Innovation Crusader

NetBase Product

Diversity, Inclusivity, & Outrage: Leveraging NetBase To Navigate Evolving Conversations

William-Evan Wenger
Research & Data Strategist

NetBase Product

Persona Development: Taking Social Listening a Step Further

Nicholas Love
Director of Social

Quid Product

Providing in a Pandemic: Using Social Analytics to Uncover Changing Themes and Drive True Value

Nicole Smith
Sr Account Supervisor, Digital & Social Analytics

NetBase Product

Adapting to and Tracking Consumer Behavior During the Pandemic

Jennifer Savage
Sr. Analyst, Social Intelligence

Quid Product

From ‘Art’ to ‘Science’: Integrating Data and Technology with Comms, Marketing and Business Strategies

Aaron Bernstein
Senior Director

NetBase Quid Products

The BI Connector: Sophisticated Insights that Improve Business Agility

Ranjeet Bhatia
SVP of Products

Quid Product

“Can you Quid That?”: Using Quid to help drive R&D

Jaime Sens
Information Specialist, External Innovation

NetBase Product

How AI Changed FURIA eSports Business

Guilherme Chequer
Director of Social

Quid Social

Quid Social: Consumer Insights that Inform Strategic Business Decisions

Vishal Singhania
Head of Product Management

NetBase Product

COVID Insights on Yoga, Mindfulness and… Aliens?

Michael Chary
Social Media Manager

NetBase Quid Products

How Media Landscape and Social Conversation Integrate to Build a Strong Comms Campaign

Dhvani Unadkat
Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

NetBase News

NetBase News: Proactive, Data Driven PR strategies

Bryce Lednar
Product Manager

NetBase Product

Push Through or Pull Back: Using Historical Data to Make Decisions in Times of Turmoil

Daria Koren
Senior Data Strategist

NetBase Quid Products

Uncover New Opportunities via Consumer Trend Identification Using Next Gen AI

Fabio Ciulla
Head of Data Science


Keynote Session: The Future of Your Digital Customer

Warren Knight
Leading Authority on Digital Leadership and Creator of Think Digital First

Quid Product

Evolution of Market Narratives in 2020

Pierre Dongo-Soria
Senior Multi-Asset Strategist

Quid Product

A New Framework for Quantifying Customer Satisfaction

Dieu Ly Tran
Research & Marketing Intelligence Analyst

NetBase Quid Products

From Analytics and Strategy to Execution: How to Launch an Amazon Bestseller and Successful Start-up

Kristian Hoareau Foged
Analytics & Strategy Director

NetBase Product

Data Exploration: Exploring Hidden Patterns in Data

Gilbert Saktoe
Social Insights Researcher

Quid Product

Our Journey with Data Visualisation: How We’ve Applied Innovative Methods to Data Analytics in the Corporate World

Lucy Cording

NetBase Product

The Marriage of Insights, Story-telling & Measurement

Andy West
Group Chief Development Officer

NetBase Product

Importance of Understanding Consumer Relationships with Your Brand

Pierre-Jean Bernard
Head of Digital

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