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Power your brand with continuous consumer and market intelligence

Data Storytelling: How data-driven communications will increase your influence

Heather Kernahan
Chief Executive Officer

The Future of Marketing: Data, Insights, Intelligence

Krista Neher
Chief Executive Officer

From Market to Management: How to transform insights into strategy roadmaps

Dieu Ly Tran (Ly)
Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Key learnings from implementing NetBase and Social Listening with L’Oréal Nordics

Frederikke Haider
CMI Specialist

Moving from impact to strategy

Dr. Jillian Ney

How do you quantify the 'effectiveness' of a brand?

Alfie Adamson
Senior Research & Insights Manager

Continuous intelligence is here. Accelerate your consumer and market initiatives

Bob Goodson

Best ways to reveal nuance and detail in massive proprietary data sets

Paul Merry
CMT Research Manager

A 6 year relationship with Natural Language Processing

Lucy Cording
Head of Digital Engagement


Michael White
Senior Consultant


Analyzing media and social media narratives of COVID-19 treatments

Jeremy Ruch
Director, Brunswick Insight


Paula Fiorini
Account Director

To Play Offense or Defense When Battling Controversy?

Jenna Monocello
Director of Strategy at 113 Industries


Mike Danielson
MRI representing Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Data and More Data: Broaden your intelligence, analysis, and sharpen your insights

Carla Da Graca
Solutions Consultant


Bryce Lednar
Product Manager

And we’re halfway through 2021. How’re we doing?

Anish Dasgupta
Communications Strategy Consultant

Navigate connected consumer and market intelligence with BI Systems

Ranjeet Bhatia
SVP of Product Management

Get more value from your analytics: Consumer insights that drive your business

Julie Kim
Senior Solutions Consultant

Use Predictive AI to improve your business agility

Mike Dukes
Manager, Data Science & Linguistics

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