Powered by the industry’s most advanced technology, the NetBase platform analyzes millions of social media posts daily to help brands and agencies deliver real business value. Get the world’s deepest, fastest, and most accurate insights from social.
<span style="font-size: 20px; color: #ffffff;">NETBASE VOTED BEST IN CLASS:
CONSUMER GOODS TECHNOLOGY READERS’ CHOICE</span><span style="color: #ffffff;">We’re excited to be voted Best In Class by readers of Consumer Good Technology in the new Consumer Experience Management category for 2016. We are recognized for technology that consumer goods executives need to invest in to analyze new forms of data, in a faster, more accurate and actionable way, to keep their competitive edge in the changing consumer market.</span>
<h2 style="color: #c01823;">SOCIAL LISTENING</h2>
Understand social conversations in real-time<ul><li>Know what consumers are saying about your brand</li><li>Capture trends or zoom in on individual conversations down to the individual</li><li>Get 27 months of data from millions of sources across the social web</li></ul>
<h2 style="color: #c01823;">DEEP CONSUMER INSIGHTS</h4>
Understand what drives consumers<ul><li>Track consumer sentiment and passion for any brand, person, topic, or category, and share-of-voice over time</li><li>Uncover consumer attitudes, purchase intent, preferences, wants, and needs</li></ul>
<h2 style="color: #c01823;">MARKETING INSIGHTS IN REAL-TIME</h4>
Track campaigns and category trends<ul><li>Know what consumers are saying about your <a href="https://netbasequid.com/track-marketing-ad-campaigns/">campaigns</a> in real-time</li><li>Identify top-performing campaigns and content</li><li>Track category trends and how you stack up against <a href="https://netbasequid.com/social-media-competitive-analysis/">competitors</a></li></ul>
<h2 style="color: #c01823;">INTUITIVE NAVIGATION</h2>
Easily get the insights you need<ul><li>Save time by entering topic terms – boolean queries are optional</li><li>Drill down with one-click by including or excluding hashtags, domains, authors, and soundbites</li><li>Spend more time analyzing data, instead of creating queries</li></ul>
<h2 style="color: #c01823;">FAST INSIGHTS YOU CAN TRUST</h2>
Be the first to know<ul><li>Get alerts on emerging trends with Alerts Suite</li><li>9x faster than other platforms</li><li>50-70% more accurate than other platforms</li><li>Leverage industry’s most advanced patented <a href="https://netbasequid.com/applications/next-generation-artificial-intelligence/">language</a> technology</li><li>Industry’s cleanest, spam-free data. Guaranteed</li></ul>
<h2 style="color: #c01823;">DASHBOARDS BUILT FOR ACTION</h2>
Stay current and ready to act<ul><li>Visualize brand, campaign, and category performance</li><li>Easily read charts, graphs, and heatmaps</li><li>Customize dashboards for tailored insights</li><li>Get reports delivered to your inbox</li></ul>
<h2 style="color: #c01823;">GLOBAL REACH</h2>
Manage your brand worldwide<ul><li>Trusted by brands for global <a href="https://netbasequid.com/social-command-center/">Command Centers</a></li><li>Track social activity in 99+ countries</li><li>Comes with 42 languages out of the box, including <a href="https://netbasequid.com/slanguage">slanguage tracker</a> and emojis</li></ul>

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