Mergers & Acquisitions

Fortune 500 companies use NetBase Quid® to discover and monitor insights for corporate strategy needs. Stay ahead of competitor movements by anticipating their M&A activity through integrated analysis of earnings transcripts, news media and investments.
How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis

Understand the Market Landscape and Consumer Trends

Use Netbase Quid’s comprehensive dataset to understand the latest investment and M&A movements, technology landscape, and consumer voice in the interested acquisition market.

  • Identify market trends through comprehensive built-in companies and patents data sets.
  • Spot emerging topics and key opinion leaders as part of your horizon scanning process.
  • Run integrated analyses on the brand health and market landscape of target companies

Capture All Potential Targets and Anticipate Competitor Acquisitions

Gather the full list of players using Netbase Quid’s premium global companies dataset and strategically select potential targets for due diligence based on key business metrics.

  • Analyze competitor brand reputation, investment & acquisitions, IP applications, and product reviews.
  • Quickly uncover new entries or startups, as well as partnership and R&D movements in the market.
  • Anticipate competitors’ M&A movements with cross-channel analysis using built-in and custom data sets.

Track Key Growth Metrics for Potential Targets

Enhance your due diligence process by gaining deeper insights into the indicators of a potential target’s business health.

  • Analyze a potential target’s voice of employees using survey data, forum data or Glassdoor reviews.
  • Gain a birds-eye view into a target company’s human capital growth through analyzing job posting data
  • Identify risk and opportunities at both preliminary and detailed due diligence stages of the overall M&A process​

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