Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies are facing increasing audience fragmentation, disruption of their advertising models, changing experience expectations, and a constant need for new content. Leading brands are using social media analytics to drive creative, create real-time engagement, and build broader communities around their entertainment properties.

Understand Pre, During and Post Theatrical Conversations

  • Easily understand social buzz around a movie pre, during and post release for real time campaign optimization
  • Monitor conversations around movies in real time to connect with fans and amplify buzz
  • Measure owned, earned and partnered mentions to identify lift from influencers
  • Use NetBase Analytics to understand competing movies and events to during same time frame

Optimize Licensing Strategy

The characters driving your content continue to live way after the movie ends. Social Analytics give great intel on which characters will drive the most revenue from a licensing play.

  • Identify which characters and movie scenes drive the most passion and interest to leverage licensing strategy
  • Uncover unique opportunities for licensing partnerships and products via social insights
  • Identify new audiences that are complimentary to existing demographics to increase sales and marketing footprint

Monitor Events in Real Time

Live events like the Emmys or Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve special need real time monitoring to understand audience response to programming. Social analytics provide the answers to know how to leverage the content and topics of discussion that people care the most about.

  • Listen in real time to interact and respond to real time comments and questions during live events
  • Mitigate potential PR crisis by listening and understanding brand detractor’s concerns and comments
  • Measure the impact of live events by monitoring events leading up to, during and post event to understand perception and results and compare to the previous year’s statistics
  • Identify which programs and personalities created the most conversation to aid in planning the next event

Pick the Right Talent and Influencers to Effectively Deliver Your Message

In the entertainment industry, picking the right talent can make the difference between a box office success or a disaster. Let social be your guide to pick talent that is relevant to your core audience. Then use NetBase Social Analytics to identify which influencers will effectively spread the word for maximum impact.

  • Use the NetBase CX platform to identify which talent is the best fit for your production digging deep into sentiment, passion intensity and relative engagement rate per post.
  • Identify influencers to spread the word about upcoming releases and theatrical launch dates
  • Monitor talent and influencers on all their channels to ensure their activity is in line with your content values

Target the Right Audience to Maximize Marketing Dollars

Use the NetBase platform to understand core audiences, drilling into demographics, psychographics and geographic insights to create a targeted messaging and channel strategy.

  • Dig into the conversation to uncover core audiences who are a fit for your production
  • Understand who your audience is, where they talk, and what they care about to craft a compelling messaging strategy for your content and events
  • Create targeted marketing that resonates with core audiences for increased reach, visibility and maximum awareness and impact

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