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In 1996, Altos Ventures was founded exclusively to address the needs of promising young technology companies. As entrepreneurs themselves, they understand the challenges and issues that founders and new businesses face. They have worked with entrepreneurs for over a decade to build great ideas into great companies. With patience and staying power, they partner with entrepreneurs and build market leading companies. Altos-backed companies have grown to more than $1 billion in revenue in the last several years.

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Thomvest Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm committed to the success of our entrepreneur partners. They primarily focus on investments in areas where they have deep expertise and experience—software, consumer Internet, networking, and semiconductors. At Thomvest Ventures, the capital they invest is their own, which enables them to be more creative, flexible and patient than most venture investors. Thomvest believe that it takes time to build great companies and they are committed to supporting entrepreneurs throughout their journey. That’s why more than two-thirds of the companies that they have funded in the last decade have either gone public, been acquired, or continue to grow as independent businesses. To learn more about Thomvest Ventures, please visit

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WestSummit Capital is a China-based technology investment firm with deep local expertise in China and a global approach to creating market leaders. It is the first growth capital firm sponsored by the most prestigious financial institution in China focused on growth-stage technology companies operating between China and the rest of the world.

The senior partners collectively bring over 100 years of success as entrepreneurs, public company executives and investors of many leading technology companies in China and the United States. Through offices in Beijing and Silicon Valley, WestSummit closely partners with its portfolio companies to realize the full potential of developing their businesses in China to become global industry leaders.

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