Influencer & KOL Marketing

Nothing is as effective and economical in acquiring new clients as word of mouth, with 74% of consumers identifying word-of-mouth as a key factor in their purchasing decisions. NetBase Quid® identifies your most passionate brand advocates and top Key Opinion Leaders to extend your reach and influence others to act.

Understand Who is Driving Your Brand Conversation

Customers are interacting with your brand simultaneously across multiple channels, both the ones you own and those you don’t. Measure and understand the impact of key influencers on each channel in reaching your target audience.

  • Analyze brand conversations by owned, earned, and partnered channels
  • Measure the impact of earned media on your share of voice and sentiment
  • Identify subject matter experts and content creators unique to your category

Identify Specific Influencers and Detractors

Customers look to their peers and fellow consumers when determining brand favor and product purchase decisions. Understand how these influencers are talking about your brand to build stronger rapport with promoters and identify detractors’ concerns.

  • Identify vocal brand advocates and detractors to understand their influence on your brand health
  • Cultivate the most vocal brand advocates to build loyalty and expand your reach
  • Identify brand detractors and acknowledge their frustrations

Engage Key Opinion Leaders

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) –the subject matter experts or other prominent figures in your industry—can be vital resources to lend credibility to your brand and expand your reach beyond social media to news media, television, industry publications and more.

  • Analyze the impact of potential KOL candidates in your industry, based on your goals and criteria
  • Enhance your brand credibility through association with top relevant KOLs
  • Expand your reach beyond social media to news media and other channels
Reduce Handle Time

Boost Customer Loyalty

Build stronger relationships with your customers, because customers who encounter positive experiences are nearly 3 times more likely to recommend a brand. Grow brand passion and watch your acquisition rates increase through referrals from loyal brand advocates.

  • Analyze customer feedback to identify opportunities to create amazing experiences
  • Identify and address issues that have the biggest impact on satisfaction and loyalty
  • Track brand sentiment and passion over time to measure the impact on customer acquisition and referrals
Reduce Handle Time

Turn Brand Detractors into Promoters

Exceptional customer care turns detractors into promoters, grows revenue, and reduces churn. Measure and report on how your care efforts move the needle on these KPIs by tracking sentiment and passion over time.

  • Respond to dissatisfied customers in real-time with the context to solve problems quickly and efficiently
  • See how customers talk about your brand before you reach out, at the point of engaging, and after resolution
  • Report the impact of your care program and how your efforts are building loyal customers

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