Image Analytics



What is Image Analytics?

Image Analytics is a branch of social listening which analyzes images, emoji’s, memes and other rich media formats to understand their sentiment and how it relates to brand perception.

Why Images Analytics Matter

Your Social Media Monitoring software must be able to monitor visual content – for misuse of brand logos, as one example – or you’re letting a huge chunk of content slip beneath your radar. Images are increasingly taking over social media and becoming a major way of engaging and talking about your brand. Images are generally more memorable and shareable than text.

There are over  300 million active daily users on Instagram alone, it’s clear images are a huge social commodity. But why is the intent behind sharing images such a big deal? For starters, not all images are accompanied by text. Sometimes the whole point is that words can’t adequately convey the emotion or event, so it’s shared in image form. If your social media listening is all about text, these posts and users aren’t accounted for in your analytics.

3 Things you Need to Know

  • Image Analysis is the gathering data from social media images, brand logos, memes etc. and analyzing them to make business decisions.
  • The most common use is to focus on improving customer sentiment insights.
  • 10% of all photographs made in the entire history of photography were made last year.


  • Over 350 million new images are uploaded on Facebook and 85 Million images uploaded on Instagram every single day.
  • There are over 2.3 Billion social media users of which 1.8 Billion use social media daily.
  • The 5 most popular social media sites for images are – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and Tumblr.

The Image Analytics Story

Image posts can also be discounted if accompanying text doesn’t adequately reflect the topic you’re searching. If you’re looking for keywords like “love” and “happy place” in association with your brand name or competitors’, and the brand name part is only represented visually, these posts won’t be included in your overall social media data.

And yet, these social users could be some of your biggest fans! What inspires someone to take and share a picture of your store-front or product if not serious love? These are consumers you want to engage, but without image analytics, there’s no way to understand what your fans are saying and how they are talking about your brand.

I See What You’re Saying

This quest for understanding what your consumers are talking about needs to includes brand logos, images, photos, memes, emoji’s and more – since they’re a huge way social users share emotion beyond text.  The possibilities are exciting – to find an entire audience of potential brand advocates you never knew were there, and to monitor brand health from a new angle. Image analytics expands your reach that much more, while giving you a major competitive edge.

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Image Analytics

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