From patient care to the changing industry landscape, understanding your brand’s position in the news and the social media realms is vital to satisfying your customers and growing your business. Healthcare companies rely on social and news media analytics for maintaining visibility into the healthcare ecosystem, identifying and acting on trends, and monitoring their position and sentiment with consumers.


Understand How Consumers Truly Feel About Your Brand

Does your Brand really know how it is perceived by the public? Customer Experience Analytics can help you level set your brand perception, helping it to evolve, redefine and compete in a crowded marketplace.

  • Understand what really matters to your patient base, partners and other major constituents, with the ability to analyze hundreds of thousands of data points in real time
  • Monitor your brand perception by digging into sentiment, core attributes, behaviors and emotions driving your brand’s conversation
  • Better understand patient feedback to surface unmet needs, perceptions, and preferences
  • Track what customers are saying in real time via an at-scale analysis of medical inquiries, call center transcripts, and sales rep notes

Track Industry Trends and Opportunities

The healthcare industry is ever-changing, and there is great strategic value in tracking the marketplace and consumer trends.

  • Spot trends that can inform new opportunities in product innovation, campaign positioning, and merger & acquisition
  • Understand shifting interests and attitudes in your customer or patient base 

Find Your Key Opinion Leaders & Influencers

Identify the influential voices leading the discussion in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, scientific and research communities around any health-related topic

  • Find the influencers who will contribute to your positive earned media, vital to your brand health
  • Grow both your social and news media presence and sentiment
  • Work with KOLs to reach key or untapped demographics
  • Narrow the vast research field by surfacing the KOLs in the space and filtering on their findings

Inform Your R&D Product Innovation

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, particularly in areas such as medical devices, biotech, and pharma. Use deep data analytics to identify potential product innovations merger & acquisition opportunities, and conduct risk analysis

  • Spot industry and product trends as they evolve, including niches and white spaces
  • Utilize a full spectrum of data resources to scout technology and product innovation opportunities
  • Track and analyze patent filing information for vital competitive, technology and consumer trend information
  • Research growth segments and merger & acquisition targets
  • Conduct in-depth risk analysis

Monitor Your Competitive Landscape

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging our Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor your competitors’ activities and strategies in real-time.

  • Gain insights into competitor activities and strategies before they impact your business
  • Understand how your brand stacks up against competitors
  • Identify new opportunities for growth and differentiation
  • Keep a pulse on industry trends and disruptions
  • Receive alerts and notifications to act quickly and stay ahead of potential crises.

Understand and Leverage Online Patient Conversations

Do you truly understand the patient experience? Dive into online patient narratives and utilize these insights to develop patient-centric strategies that resonate.

  • Discover the power of online patient conversations and their influence on healthcare decisions
  • Uncover critical topics, unmet needs, and sentiment trends among your patient base
  • Track these narratives over time, and understand the key drivers behind patients’ decisions
  • Identify and monitor influential voices in your field to maximize your reach and credibility

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