Food and Beverage

Food and beverage brands need social listening to meet the growing challenges of new products in the market and changing tastes and perceptions of their consumers. With social media analytics brands are better understanding their brand health, competitive share of voice and what trends are shaping the market.

Understand Sentiment and Perception of Your Brand

Ask yourself- does consumer perception align with your own brand perception? Often times it doesn’t. The Netbase consumer analytics platform gives real time insights into how people feel about your brand so you can quickly understand what people love, like or dislike about your brand and products and use this to drive strategy moving forward.

  • Quickly understand consumer perception and sentiment of your brand, with the ability to drill into sentiment driven insights such as attributes, emotions, and behaviors to identify purchase intent and switching behaviors
  • Identify events that cause conversation spikes, enabling a brand to interact with consumers in-the-moment
  • Understand which products are mentioned most often, and what consumers are most/least passionate about in your product line up

Retain and Grow Market Share in the Competitive Food Space

Consumer trends and preferences are always changing the food and beverage category, how does your brand stack up to the ever-growing list of competitors and choices? Understanding share of voice among competitors is an integral part of understanding brand health as your brand does not operate in a vacuum.

  • Identify share of voice versus competitors and compare your brand versus others as it relates to sentiment and passion intensity in Netbase’s proprietary Brand Passion Index, giving insight into whether consumers like versus love your brand versus competitors
  • Benchmark your brand versus others as it relates to bespoke KPIs such as taste, ingredients, price, value or custom metrics that are important to your brand
  • Understand how consumers feel about your competitors to inform content messaging and product innovation strategy

Identify Unmet Need in the Food and Beverage Industry to Fuel Product Ideation and Innovation

In addition to offering insights to guide strategy, the NetBase platform makes it easy to monitor and measure core KPIs, enabling agencies to show ROI on the campaigns they are running for their clients, measuring the value an agency provides to their clients. This also allows agencies to quantify the lift they get from their campaigns to understand the kind of content that is driving the most engagements, and the impact influencers have on brand messaging.

  • Measure change in consumer sentiment or behavior during and after a campaign
  • Measure lift on owned/earned/partnered media
  • Identify content driving engagement with your target audience
  • Measure the impact of influencers on brand sentiment and passion intensity

Identify Potential Risk Before It Turns into a Full Blown Crisis

How do the smartest brands mitigate risk and stay out of the news? By monitoring for potential risk in real-time. Stay on top of reputation damaging posts and brand detractors by listening and mitigating a potential crisis before it begins.

  • Easily understand consumer behaviors by understanding sentiment driven insights such as attributes, behaviors and emotions, easily picking up on behaviors such as “boycott” or “not buy” to understand what is driving the conversation
  • Alert team members when social posts start to go viral, influencers discuss your brand or undesirable terms are mentioned in relation to your brand
  • Share live reports with your team via a password protected link to keep executives informed at all times

Use Consumer Insights to Guide Creative Strategy and Campaigns

What’s the best source of inspiration for your next campaign? Consumer Experience Data! Data driven brands let consumer conversations guide winning campaign strategies that embody the tone and preferences of the audience they are targeting.

  • Use top engaging posts, consumer preferences and product affinities to guide a campaign strategy that is timely, relevant and encourages engagement with your brand and campaign
  • Understand where the conversation is happening to inform which social networks are most important and optimal time for posting
  • Benchmark your campaign with core KPIS to measure campaign lift and effectiveness
  • Measure conversations before, during and post campaign to understand if campaign changed consumer sentiment or behavior

Identify and Partner with Brand Advocates to Share a Compelling Brand Story

Chances are, influencers are already out there talking about your product, you just need to find them and identify which ones share the same core values. The Netbase Customer Experience Analytics platform makes it easy to spot brand advocates with an engaged following to partner on content creation that shares your brand’s message in an organic way.

  • Use the Netbase platform to easily identify influencers who are a good fit to partner with your brand
  • Easily sort for influencers based on bio text, verified or unverified status, brand mentions, engagement rates and much more to hone in on a creative partner that is complimentary to your brand
  • Measure the effectiveness of owned (your brand), earned (people talking about your brand) and partnered posts (posts where influencers talked about your brand) to understand lift from partnering with influencers
  • Monitor all partnered influencers channels to make sure overall messaging and behavior is consistent with your brand

Monitor Product Launches in Real Time

Product launches are a big deal, so it’s important to stay attuned to all aspects of a new product hitting the market, to ensure any hiccups can be dealt with in a timely manner and engage with excited customers in real time.

  • Monitor and understand consumer conversations leading up to a product launch to guide positioning strategy, target audience and messaging
  • Understand consumer response to product launch in real time to identify any issues as well as engage, interact and amplify response to the new product on social
  • Measure the effectiveness of the product launch after the fact with dashboard reports that can be shared with executives via password protected live reports

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