Financial Services

Financial services companies are more effectively managing their brand reputation, understanding their consumer’s evolving banking needs, and responding to an increasingly competitive market with social media analytics.

Mitigate Risk and Understand Consumer Perception

Banking is a part of life, but consumers have more choices than ever before, making it a necessity to truly understand how your institution is viewed in the eyes of consumers. The NetBase Next Gen AI Platform makes it easy to quickly gauge brand health, to quickly understand what drives sentiment as it relates to attributes, emotions, and most importantly, behaviors, to understand why a consumer would switch or recommend using one company over another.

  • Easily understand what is driving consumer perception as it relates to likes/dislikes, behaviors and emotions to identify and mitigate potential risk
  • Uncover opportunities to engage, connect and interact with existing and potential new customers
  • Level set brand versus consumer perception of your brand creating opportunity for improvement and course correction

Understand Your Place In a Competitive Market

It’s hard to gauge brand health without understanding how your brand fits into the overall bigger picture as it relates to your competitors. When looking at the finance industry, it helps to understand what your share of voice is among competitors and how your brand can not only retain but grow market share. Digging into the data can help uncover areas for improvement with your competitors and your own brand, to guide strategy, messaging and innovation.

  • Understand competitive share of voice and how your brand performs in the Netbase Brand Passion Index, taking a deep dive into which brands are performing best versus least, and how this works to your advantage
  • Learn what consumers love/hate about your competitors to capitalize on these insights in your messaging
  • Benchmark your brand versus competitors on themes such as customer service, rates/fees, trust, security, etc according to your own bespoke industry KPIs

Identify Opportunity and Unmet Need in Your Market

The digital age has changed the way people do business, creating opportunities for companies to innovate, grow and evolve with the times. Categorical analysis allows a brand to listen to consumer conversations to identify unmet need in the market to fuel innovation of products and services.

  • Perform category and industry analysis to identify unmet need in your market to fuel ideas for product and service innovation
  • Use insights from category analysis to shift messaging, address market needs and resonate with consumers
  • Adapt product strategy and marketing mix to capitalize on consumer trends in your category to stay relevant, retain and grow market share

Stop a Crisis Before it Happens

Ignoring issues won’t make them go away. The NetBase Customer Experience Analytics platform allows companies to quickly identify potential risk and address the situation before it gets out of hand, saving a company a significant amount of money in PR and damage control costs.

  • Quickly spot potential issues by monitoring your brand as it relates to sentiment, attributes, behaviors, emotions and viral posts
  • Set up alerts for your team to be alerted when posts start to go viral around your brand
  • Easily share brand health and crisis management dashboard reports with executives in real time with Netbase Live Reports, a password protected interactive live report

Use Consumer Tone and Industry Trends to Fuel Messaging and Thought Leadership

How does a brand understand what is important to their customers and the industry as a whole before creating marketing campaigns? By listening to them! Use the Netbase Customer Experience Analytics Platform to understand what consumers care about to ensure your messaging and campaign strategy is relevant, timely and on point with the market’s needs.

  • Listen to customer conversations to understand how they talk about your brand, products, competitors and industry to inform content strategy, ensuring the tone is relevant and applicable to consumer’s needs
  • Understand where customers talk, interact and engage to inform which social networks are most important in your marketing mix
  • Use timely consumer conversations and concerns to fuel ideas on thought leadership pieces to keep your company in the spotlight with PR and SEO opportunities

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