10:00 PM JST / 11:00 AEST

3 Steps for a More Effective Brand Strategy – How to uncover emerging trends and unmet needs (APAC audience)

When it comes to identifying emerging trends and finding unmet consumer needs, brands need to keep their finger on the pulse of the market to anticipate and predict consumer needs. With Quid Social‘s advanced discovery technology, brands gain unprecedented insight into their market, competition, and consumers.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to identify emerging trends, sudden shifts, and outliers
  • Gain a new perspective your target consumer
  • The benefits of developing a continuous intelligence loop
  • An introduction to Quid Social Explorer


10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET

5 Ways to Effectively Discover Unmet Needs of Your Target Market

With so many online channels available for consumers to share opinions, traditional research methods are no longer sufficient to keep pace with changes in your market’s narrative. It has never been more critical to optimize your research to gain deeper insights from your market data. Your strategy needs to utilize both emerging and established consumer channels. Register for the webinar to:

  •  Learn how channels like TikTok and Reddit can enhance your insights
  • Discover the key metrics that allow you to predict market changes
  • Enhance the efficiency of your research by developing an operational cadence


9 AM PT / 12 PM ET

Crisis Playbook: Before, During and After

Crises are unavoidable. With the proper plans in place, though, you will be ready for any such scenario and, in turn, minimize the damage, if not avoid any entirely. Join us to hear how to start planning and we’ll be highlighting high-level strategies on approaching crises before, during and after with various analytical tips, best practices and operational recommendations.

During this hour, we’ll discuss:

  • How to analyze your industry and broader issues across news and social media to indicate early signals that could affect your brand.
  • When early indicators hit, how to best escalate what stakeholders need to be educated on before making decisions.
  • How to gauge when an issue hits critical mass where external communication is necessary.
  • How to look in the rear-view mirror to improve operations and communications in the future.


8:45 AM PT

Social Media Strategies Summit (Virtual Event) – Creating Content for Real People: From Data to Details

It’s a troubling but often true reality that social media content decisions can be based on assumptions. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put a face to your target audience, get to know their particular needs, understand their pains, and win their hearts? We can do that by developing a standard that turns a customer human – so that the recipients of your social ideas are considered and cared for at every stage of design development.

In this educational session, you’ll learn: 

  •  How to drive your business forward using consumer and market intelligence
  • How to take complicated, custom data into digestible frameworks
  • Learn how to summarize research findings
    Challenge brand or audience preconceptions
  • Why Human-Centered Design is a differentiator at the agency level
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