10AM PT / 1PM ET

How to Discover the Relationship Between Social and News Using One Powerful Platform!

If something goes viral on Reddit, does it get picked up in the news? When your company is mentioned in the news, how long does it take to get shared on social? Learn how this can affect your messaging and content strategy for 2021. Join us to learn how to harness the insights from our significantly expanded global news, social media, and even internal data in our all-powerful yet easy to use AI-powered analytics platform, NetBase News.

    TUE, JAN 26TH

    10AM PT / 1PM ET

    5 Steps to Better Competitive Intelligence Using Insights from Your Consumer Data

    Join us for this 30-minute webinar, where we’ll dive into a competitive landscape analysis of luxury auto brands. We will highlight key insights featuring brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes Benz, while showing you how to:

    • Uncover the topics that are driving engagement for you and the competition
    • Ensure that you’re speaking your target audience’s language
    • Generate more effective campaigns based on your insights

    WED, JAN 27TH

    10AM PT / 1PM ET

    How to Use TikTok, Instagram and Facebook Insights: Propel Your Content Strategy

    2021 presents a unique opportunity for brands to re-engage their consumers and accelerate their business. To enhance your content strategy, you’ll need a deeper understanding of your consumers. That’s where social and media analytics come in. TikTok, Instagram and Facebook can all provide the consumer insights you need to jumpstart your content.

    Join us to find out how to tap into social conversations that are taking place on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook to take a data-driven approach to consumer and market intelligence and discover insights and identify critical trends.

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