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Ryan Baker

Sr. Social Media and Customer Care Manager

Social Listening Wild West: How to Lay the Groundwork for a Social Measurement Program

Big success starts with small wins. Hear how Nutrisystem integrates social listening across its lifestyle brands to drive strategic decisions across the organization, from content and messaging to customer engagement and care.

On Demand

McVal Osborne

Head of Data and Insights
Social Chain

Alfie Adamson

Research and Insights Manager
Social Chain

Virality on Social: How to Manage a Pandemic

Our world is fraught with emotions. And never more so than in the last few months. Fear, sadness, anger, happiness, love and surprise; these are all the types of emotions we feel as human beings. But what about brands? Do brands feel emotions too? How can a brand really let down its guard and show emotion in a transparent, honest way – especially in these unprecedented times.

In this session, we will take you on a journey through the rise of this pandemic as seen through the lens of social media, and highlight how people and brands have formed emotional connections in positive, uplifting, and surprising ways.

On Demand

Dalton Long

Social Analyst

#TRIGGERED – How Brands Can Be Proactive and Reactive to Their Audience’s Needs

With an ongoing global crisis, brands are looking to navigate the abnormal “new normal” we find ourselves facing. So how do we as marketers help our clients do that? The answer is quite elementary, my dear Watson – Social Listening. Specifically, using NetBase’s “Triggered Alerts” feature for both proactive and reactive monitoring. Through this, we can stay in touch with our audience’s needs and ensure that brands are providing applicable value (proactive), as well as identify potential crises at their onset and get ahead of them (reactive).

On Demand

Brandon Chesnutt

Partner, VP of Digital Strategy & Development

How Social Listening Adds Value to Earned Media Efforts

As digital professionals and social media strategists are being asked with increasing frequency to support cross-functional campaigns, it’s important to identify where and how social listening adds value. In this session, you’ll learn how social insights can be leveraged to support public relations and earned media during exciting campaign moments and times of crisis.

On Demand

Laura Forester

Vice President, Director, Strategy & Engagement

The Case for Innovation: Every Problem Is A People Problem

The world is calling for innovative thinkers. But how? Where? Whatever the job or department, everyone faces problems — small, big and gargantuan. To tackle those problems, we need to devise creative, more innovative solutions faster than ever. How do we find the narratives in the numbers? The story from the data?

In this session, Laura will debunk the myth on innovation as intimidating and talk about the ways of working with data so that creativity can flourish.

Attend this session and learn:

  • Help individuals become confident and capable problem solvers.
  • Equip teams to collaborate, think differently and deliver impactful solutions.
  • What and how leaders should be thinking about to prepare for what’s next.

On Demand

Cody LeBlanc

Senior Associate Director

Mapping Online Audience Behaviour with Opus

Learn how to influence prevailing narratives that shape public opinion by using third-party data and Opus to understand the stakeholders who create and amplify key messages.

On Demand

Katy Tenerovich

Director of Brand Strategy

Reinvigorating a Classic American Brand:
How Fitzco Made the Familiar Surprising and
Earned a Shorty Award Nomination for French’s

All brands strive to create ideas that get people talking. But what actually gets people passionate enough that they’ll express their opinion publicly? That’s where social listening comes in. By using NetBase, we were able to discover topics that our audience would truly react to. Ultimately, these insights informed an idea that put our clients at the center of cultural conversation and more importantly, positively impacted business.

On Demand

Roberto Salas

Global Innovation Program Research Fellow | Sensory & Consumer Insights, Global Flavors
International Flavors & Fragrances

Are We All Secretly Vegans? Consumer Product
Demands in a New Plant-Based World

Using NetBase and Quid as digital tools to discover the features and KPI’s that consumers will need in the new Plant-Based era. How IFF is prepared to meet future demands knowing that one-size does not fit all, and implementing Taste Design ™ for plant-based product development, being prepared for customer’s opportunities to meet consumer’s new demands.

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