NetBase is one of the strongest global social listening and analytics tools in the market.

Omri Duek, Manager, North America Social Center

We have scaled use of NetBase to all of our global teams including 700+ users in 42 languages…NetBase gives us vision to unowned social conversations that we were previously blind to. On many occasions, it has saved the bacon by allowing us to see issues bubbling up before going viral.

Andrew Ashton, Social Media Analyst

As one of the first brands to test NetBase Audience 3D for our Mobile App launch, we’ve found that we could engage with our consumers on a deeper, more human level that further drives them to the brand.

Mihir Minawala, Manager of Social, Industry & Competitive Intelligence

Through the implementation of the Command Center, to the NetBase analysts who provide support to our team, to the user interface that displays insights, partnering with NetBase has helped take our social media efforts to the next level.

Josh Martin, Director, Digital & Social Media

Audience 3D dimensionalizes our customer understanding in new & valuable ways. We are able to uncover real personality traits, interests, and consumption habits above and beyond our in-store data. As you can imagine, this real-time knowledge drives immense value in developing highly impactful and engaging marketing programs.

Matthew Schmertz, Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing

Insights are richer and more actionable than ever. NetBase analytics help us understand how individuals make decisions, including consumer motivation, interest, and sentiment. The platform supports the creation of highly customized content experiences, which transforms customer relationships – driving organic sales, satisfaction, and customer loyalty.

Becca James, Director of Insights & Strategy

We started with a gen one solution, but then found that we needed to move to a tool with better accuracy that could support digital strategy and insights research. NetBase satisfied all our needs.

Jared Degnan, Director of Digital Strategy

The best part about working with NetBase is their customer service. Everyone I have encountered has gone above and beyond to help when needed.

Kate Pena, Associate Digital Strategist

NetBase ability to seamlessly customize global brand research in various languages to obtain instant comparative global subject matter insights is an incomparable research asset.

Candida McCollam, Global Social Insights & Research Strategist

The team at NetBase is super eager to help and is constantly tweaking and improving the tool, unlike many others in this space.

Simon Quinton, Research Manager

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