Deliver data-driven insights that matter to your clients, providing answers they can’t get anywhere else. NetBase Quid® helps you scout emerging innovations and trends, identify risks, zero in on opportunities for growth or acquisition, and much more.

Lead the Strategic Conversation

Develop a rich profile around the most prominent topics in any industry. Use AI-powered research capabilities to build a rich industry analysis including market health, competition, and emerging trends

  • Benchmark industries and track evolving markets
  • Identify new business opportunities from emerging trends and competitive positioning
  • Conduct strategic risk analyses – assess and mitigate market or industry risks a client might be facing

Win New Business

The healthcare industry is ever-changing, and there is great strategic value in tracking the marketplace and consumer trends.

  • Uncover new market opportunities based on trend, market and competitor analysis
  • Conduct analysis on prospective projects
  • Research merger & acquisition opportunities

Track Your Clients’ Key Markets

Monitor and respond to the changing Market conditions of your key clients. Provide meaningful analysis on both short-term and long-range changes, the implications to your clients, and potential actions.

  • Create a rich market profile from datasets including news, patents, company descriptions, social media posts and sentiment, academic literature, and job listings
  • Be alerted for crisis indicators, for your clients’ brands, their competitors, or their market overall
  • Analyze the root causes behind market shifts
  • Work with clients to create informed action plans based on data

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