Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Analysis is vital for a thorough understanding of your own brand position, audience and trends. From tracking how you stack up and which competitors are gaining on you, to developing a fuller picture of emerging trends in your marketplace, there’s never been a better use case for social and media analytics.

How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis

Conducting a Competitor Analysis

Social and Media Analytics provide an expansive, real-time view into your competition, to understand how they’re perceived in both the news and the vast social media realm. Use this information to benchmark your brand position, spot market trends, and take advantage of competitive opportunities.

  • Understand category, share of voice, consumer sentiment
  • Identify and track trends over time
  • Analyze media coverage and perception of competitors
  • Stay informed of competitive product launches, events, partners, Key Opinion Leaders
  • Benchmark your relative position

Gauging Competitive Presence through Social Media

The global expanse of social media provides a treasure trove of opportunity to understand your competition and marketplace. Go well beyond mentions and likes to metrics that matter: demographics, psychographics, and customer sentiment & brand passion. Elements of your social competitor analysis should include:

  • Benchmark share of voice, net sentiment, and brand passion KPIs
  • Use theme analysis to identify differences in volume and sentiment across sub-segments of the conversation
  • Identify competitive & market trends
  • Act upon competitive insights – inform your campaigns, processes, resources and new idea development

Tracking Competitors in the News

Monitor how companies and their competitors are being covered in the media

  • Track a company’s share of voice across news and blogs
  • Identify the key storylines and events defining each company’s public narrative
  • Understand the major topics driving media coverage around any group of companies
  • Find the Key Opinion Leaders in your market

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