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NetBase Quid® offers a variety of certifications and micro-credentials (badges) to build and demonstrate your social intelligence skills. Achieving one of our certifications empowers you, no matter where you are in your NetBase Quid® journey.

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Benefits of NetBase Quid® Certification

Display Your

Earn a digital badge and certificate, with email links to share on social media and add to your LinkedIn profile.

Be a Part of the Certified User Community

Join a community of NetBase Quid® users to get answers to questions, share your experience, and learn how others are using NetBase and Quid. (Coming Soon)


Be included in the NetBase Quid® Certified User Directory (accessible by registered NetBase Quid® users only).

Early Access to Updates & Beta Releases

Get exclusive early access to product updates and beta releases.


Share your social intelligence knowledge and NetBase Quid® expertise with your peers via opportunities to speak at  events and Webinars.

Become a Social Media Expert for NetBase Quid®

Leverage your NetBase Quid® knowledge to be a part of future product releases and train others.

Why Get Certified?

Upon earning a certification, 61% of tech professionals say they earned a promotion, 73% upskilled to keep pace with changing technologies, and 76% have greater job satisfaction.1


of certified IT professionals say certification has given them increased confidence to do their jobs.1


of certified IT professionals say they have greater work autonomy and independence.1


of decision-makers worldwide say that certified team members provide added value.2

1 2021 Pearson Vue Value of Certification study
2 Global Knowledge 2020 IT skills and salary report

How to Get Certified


Choose your certification

Pick your credential based on the NetBase Quid® product you want to learn. NetBase Quid licensed customers can view our certifications here.


Take the training course

Complete the NetBase Quid®, training course to understand how to get the most from your NetBase or Quid product. Each NetBase Quid®, certification or micro-credential is built on a training course. Licensed NetBase Quid customers can visit NetBase University or Quid University to see our training courses.


Complete the Assessment

Pass the course assessment to prove you’re a specialized expert in the social intelligence field. Certification assessments are either embedded in the course or presented as exams upon completion of the required training.


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Instagram Data Analysis

 The NetBase Instagram Data Analysis Badge demonstrates your knowledge of downloading, collecting, and analyzing Instagram data in NetBase. The badge is built on the Instagram Data Analysis course, which also teaches students what Instagram data NetBase can track, as well as how to authorize for Instagram, download data from channels, and analyze Instagram data. Earning this badge is a great way to showcase your NetBase and Instagram Social Intelligence skills.

Quid Expert

Quid Expert certification is designed for those who want to demonstrate their mastery of Quid, from the basics to in-depth knowledge of building Quid queries to analysis and presentation to using all five Quid datasets. Earning Quid Expert certification completes the Quid Certification pathway and positions you as a Quid Expert to a global market.

Quid Specialist

The Quid Specialist certification demonstrates your in-depth understanding of Quid and one or more of the Quid datasets: News and Blogs, Company, Patents, Quid Social, or Custom Data. It builds upon the Quid Practitioner certification but dives deeper into each dataset. It’s the third step in the Quid Certification pathway.

Quid Practitioner

Earning your Quid Practitioner certification, which builds upon the Quid Associate certification, demonstrates an in-depth understanding of Quid through the Quid Foundation course. These lessons provide a deep dive into how to start, refine, and analyze your Quid networks for impactful insights. Using the News and Blogs dataset as the example, you'll get to know how to analyze your data and choose visualizations based on best practice. With this course, you'll be able to choose the right visualizations for your analysis and how to export everything to share. It’s the second step in the Quid Certification pathway.

Quid Associate

Earning Quid Associate certification demonstrates your understanding of the basics of Quid and how it can support your analysis of a variety of data sources. The Quid Associate certification is based on the Quid Essentials course, which provides a thorough introduction to Quid, getting you up to speed quickly on how to read and interpret your network analyses. From the basics of what Quid is and how it works, to defining your business problems and refining them into Boolean queries, the Quid Associate certification proves you’ve got what it takes to get started on developing a Quid network. It’s the first step in the Quid certification pathway.

Brand & Competitor Analysis

The NetBase Brand & Competitor Analysis Badge demonstrates your knowledge of how to conduct a brand or competitor analysis using NetBase that yields valuable brand and competitor insights you can turn into actionable business decisions.

The training required to earn the badge focuses on the Discover-Measure-Segment-Track phase of the NetBase analysis process for brand and competitor analysis. Earning this badge is a terrific addition to your Social Intelligence toolkit.

Facebook Data Analysis

The Facebook Data Analysis Badge demonstrates your knowledge of downloading, collecting, and analyzing Facebook data in NetBase. The badge is built on the Facebook Data Analysis course, which also teaches students what Facebook data NetBase can track, as well as how to authorize for Facebook, download data from channels, analyze Facebook data, and report on Facebook data with dashboards. Earning this badge is a great way to showcase your NetBase and Facebook Social Intelligence skills.

NetBase Certification

NetBase certification demonstrates your proficiency with the NetBase platform and gives you a deeper understanding of how to leverage NetBase for your organization. NetBase Certification is based on the NetBase Express Learning program.

Completing it helps new analysts onboard and find game-changing insights more quickly and deliver return on investment to their organization sooner. Veteran analysts can get a refresher on best practices, fundamentals, and new features in the NetBase platform.

Managers can ensure new analyst team members get trained on NetBase as quickly as possible to maximize time spent on social analysis. Agencies can show clients their NetBase acumen and brands can optimize internal resources.

Boolean Badge

Earning the NetBase Boolean Badge proves your understanding of when and how to utilize Boolean queries in the NetBase application. The Boolean Badge course helps you solidify your Boolean knowledge. Plus, you’ll learn how to build complex analyses, which allows for syntax that can process data on a more specific level than standard topics and themes. You’ll also be able to uncover insights sooner with sophisticated query building and leverage the additional filters that Boolean supports.