Boost Your Campaign Performance

Capturing consumer mindshare in the ever-expanding sea of social and news media is a persistent challenge. Use NetBase Quid® social and market analytics to develop an in-depth profile of your target consumer, to focus your time, effort and money to achieve your acquisition goals.

Create a Deeper Understanding of Your Target Customer

Learn what your audience cares about, and what influences them to make purchasing decisions, to improve your segmentation and targeting to create more personalized and relevant experiences.

  • Create a multi-dimensional profile of your target consumers
  • Uncover interests, activities, and preferences unique to your audience
  • Discover current events, trends, and preferences influencing consumer behavior
  • Identify competitor customers who are dissatisfied and open to change

Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your audience well enough to connect authentically requires bringing traditional data sources like internal purchase trends, customer surveys, and focus groups together with the rich data social provides to unlock a unified customer experience perspective that rivals old school marketing and campaign planning.

  • Combine social and news data with traditional and internal customer data sources, for a comprehensive profile of your audience
  • Discover interests, affinities, and life stages that make your audience unique vs. the general population
  • Uncover the emotional and behavioral insights that drive engagement

Know Where and How to Engage with Them on Social

80% of consumers are more likely to value solutions from the brands they follow on social channels. Deliver the compelling content on the right channels to engage your target customers.

  • Align your marketing message for each channel using social analytics insights
  • Understand when and where your audience is most engaged and with what content
  • Engage passionate brand advocates to increase reach and influence others to act
  • Uncover opportunities to engage your competitors’ customers to steal market share
Reduce Handle Time

Build Emotional Customer Connections with Your Brand

Customer experience analytics uncovers far more than just demographics about your audiences. Add a psychographic dimension to your audience insights – uncovering emotional and behavioral insights such as what they buy, watch, eat and listen to – to support your strategies to drive revenue.

  • Identify sentiment drivers that create emotional connections with your consumers
  • Inform creative and placement strategies that connect with your audience
  • Create authentic experiences with user generated content, including visual/video content
  • Integrate popular media and emerging topics into your content strategy

Inform Creative Ideation and Placement Decisions

Create truly amazing and engaging campaigns with analytics-fueled creative strategies and messaging that connects emotionally to your consumers. Develop a content strategy aimed at uncovering where your target customers are most engaged and the content that resonates best.

  • Find creative inspiration from user generated content
  • Identify popular media that drive maximum engagement
  • Pinpoint websites, media outlets, blogs and other sources your customers find trustworthy
  • Revamp messaging based on how customers are engaging with the campaign

Review Historical Acquisition Efforts

Review your historical campaigns including channel effectiveness, messaging, and imagery to discover which efforts brought results. Understand what motivates customers to act and create a benchmark to measure the success of future campaign efforts.

  • Pinpoint your most successful channels to drive your placement and engagement strategies
  • Identify sentiment drivers and behavioral insights that get customers to act
  • Create a baseline to measure the progress of current and future acquisition efforts

See How Previous Campaigns Performed

Improve on past success. Analyze historical campaign performance to glean meaningful insights that inform new strategies for maximizing future campaign results.

  • Analyze past campaign results to know which strategies succeeded, and which failed
  • Establish benchmarks to track and ensure you constantly outperform previous campaigns
  • Use your new found knowledge to inform your next approach

Know Where They Are in the Customer Journey

The customer journey has many touch points, and each is a potential exit along the path to purchase. Gain a complete understanding of your customer’s journey and pain points to address issues that deter customers from completing a purchase.

  • Pinpoint events and life stages that cause customers to take action
  • Understand your customers’ purchase path and identify points of friction
  • Address issues that deter customers from completing their purchase
  • Measure your success moving customers through each stage of the purchase funnel

Develop a Data Driven Approach to Acquisition

Measure your effectiveness across all channels, identify what’s working and what isn’t, then adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Drive new customer-focused business initiatives that improve conversion rates
  • Compare current performance with established benchmarks
  • Track progress with real-time dashboards and regular analysis
  • Integrate with other sources of business data to measure impact on revenues

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