NetBase Quid World Tour London

Our highly anticipated World Tour continued in Amsterdam and Washington D.C. on 3/3; Berlin on 3/4; and in London and Denver on 3/5! As usual, our speaker line-up was exceptional, with topics spanning a range of consumer and market intelligence trends. Industry leaders seeking to drive immediate impact to their businesses swear by them after all. Here’s why!

About These World Tour Events


Sharing actionable intel businesses could have at their fingertips, participants are exposed to insight that reveals business trends, helps them connect with consumers, and enables them to understand the story behind competitors and the market.

Did you miss our next generation consumer and market intelligence breakfast seminar series this time around? Not to worry, there are more on tap, with the next two happening in Atlanta on 3/17 and Los Angeles on 3/19. And we have a summary of the insight speakers offered this time around below. It will keep you up-to-date and get you excited about attending these future events, as we know many of you will be.

Amsterdam is Always Amazing


And how could it not be? With Paige Leidig, Chief Marketing Officer, NetBase Quid sharing the many ways brands and agencies can use NetBase Quid to explore hidden patterns, the tone was set for the day.

MetrixLab’s Gilbert Saktoe, Social insights and AI specialist, elaborated on social analytics ability to generate actionable insights for international firms by transforming unstructured to structured data. And then Kristian Foged, Principal Insights Analyst and Strategic Communications Consultant helped participants recognize the importance of the big picture – and the power of truly integrated campaigns.

113 Reasons to Visit D.C.


Anupam Singh, Founder, President, 113 Industries always offers incredible advanced analytics insight, and this event was no different. He shared actual case studies demonstrating why agencies have to change their approach, shifting clients toward more strategic decision-making using AI-informed insights.

And Nicki Zink, Director, Insights and Digital Intelligence, Purple Strategies drove this point home with his presentation around ways to drive client strategies using integrated insights. The loudest voice is not necessary the consumer favorite – and that does nothing to capture conversion. As, Mike Baglietto, Head of Product Marketing, NetBase Quid shared, real-time insight is key to capturing a brand’s true measure. And is really the only way to be sure the consumer conversations being captured are relevant to your space, and to a brand’s specific in-the-moment efforts.

Berlin or Bust!


Taking their Amsterdam awesomeness on the road, we saw Paige Leidig, Gilbert Sakto and Kristian Foged sharing their finely tuned insights around actionable, real-time consumer and market intelligence insight. Although starting with a conversational basis, their presentations consistently offer a new twist thanks to audience participation and our lively Q&A sessions, which are always encouraged!

London World Tour Speakers Demand Attention


We had a full rooster of speakers in London! McVal Osborne, Head of Data & Insights, and Alfie Adamson, Research & Insights Manager at Social Chain shared how they set out to analyze one of the world’s largest brands to discover what drives consumer opinion on their latest product releases. Can you guess what that is? Social listening is the key.

It probably has more than a bit to do with “Contentainment,” which is what Haifa Barbari, Head of Integrated Strategy & Experience, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness UK shared with attendees. Haifa helped brands and agencies unpack the model for creating entertaining content to reach & engage people.

Sarah Wood, Head of Digital Insight and Engagement, Salterbaxter shared insight around a hot topic – sustainability. “As business is under increasing pressure to take faster action towards our biggest societal and planetary challenges, performance and tracking models are having to adapt.” Sarah explored this challenge relying on social media insight to measure impact.

And Imogen Pierce, Head of PR, Arrival highlighted Quid best practices in general and the power of real time insights, specifically for insight into all customer conversations. With PR and communications use cases as examples, the power of next generation artificial intelligence was clear.

Kristian Foged and Paige Leidig, were on-hand again to share their respective methods around ways to “get the full consumer picture.” Next generation AI-powered consumer and market intelligence forms the crux of each list of “must haves.”

Understanding the uniqueness and synergies between various channels to create a 360-degree conversation without it is next to impossible, particularly if accuracy matters. And it should.

Getting It Done in Denver

Fireside Chats are often quite illuminating and our conversation with Chris Shewmake, Director of Communications and Laura Bianchi, Group Director, Communications Strategy at Crispin Porter Bogusky certainly qualifies. The topic was “The Journey Towards Social Maturity” and with Mike Baglietto, Global Head of Product Marketing, NetBase Quid emceeing the chat, the best practices that emerged could probably fill a notebook.

And each event is equally informative. The feedback on that has been clear.

With so much insight to share, these really are events you do not want to miss. We hope to see you at one soon. And reach out with any questions and look forward to seeing you there!

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