NetBase Quid World Tour- Charlotte Dallas and Austin

After kicking things off in San Francisco, the NetBase Quid World Tour hit its next stops in Charlotte, Dallas and Austin. We have a recap of each below. And if reading it makes you feel all kinds of FOMO, fear not! We have more World Tour dates scheduled – check them out and register now!

Why a World Tour?

As the first of its kind, next generation consumer and market intelligence platform, we have so much to share with businesses around the actionable intel they could have at their fingertips. This includes insights that reveal business trends, help them connect with consumers, and enable them to understand the story behind competitors and the market.

So, a Consumer and Market Intelligence Breakfast Seminar seemed the best way to deliver it en masse! During our World Tour stops, we’re demonstrating exactly how next generation artificial intelligence can drive immediate impact to your business.

Each stop offered different examples of this in action.

First Stop: Charlotte

Each day started with breakfast, of course. Mind fuel for our eager attendees:

breakfast buffet at World Tour events 

And then to the meat of the meetings . . .

Nicki Zink, Director, Insights and Digital Intelligence, Purple Strategies and Nicholas Love, Digital Engagement Strategy Director, G&S Communications joined us to share how they are using consumer, market, and social media analytics to drive intelligence and insights from their audiences to make smarter, more strategic decisions.

Driving Client Strategies Using Integrated Insights is something Purple Strategies offers clients. In fact, they advise clients around the importance of social listening as a consistent strategic component, not a one-off. Nicki Zink discussed how taking an integrated approach to research methodology empowers brands to smarter strategic decision making, instead of merely informing tactical digital decisions.

Nicki walked our audience through several examples connecting social conversations with changes in public opinions and beliefs as well as measuring the impact of the media narrative pulling through on social.

Social Media Intelligence vs Listening, what the difference and why does it matter?  Nick Love is happy to tell you.

He explained that Social Media Intelligence is the result of applying the right mix of technology, expertise, methodology and process to derive focused, and business relevant insight from digital and social media data. And Nick guided our audience through a path that can be used to leverage social listening to develop three different flavors of thought leadership:

  • Product through leadership
  • Industry thought leadership
  • Corporate thought leadership

And he explained how using these strategies drove a 5% lift in CTR on Twitter, by leveraging terms identified with social listening and compared against other targeting efforts.

And wrapping up the day – and each day of this three-stop phase of our tour, we had our own Mike Baglietto, Head of Product Marketing, NetBase Quid and Sam Jones, Senior Sales Director, NetBase Quid present a platform overview of Data Visualization in Action.

They demonstrated an analysis of the autonomous vehicle market in general, and the Tesla brand, specifically to show how NetBase Quid provides next generation consumer and market intelligence to better understand your competitive marketplace – and place in the market!

Day Two: Dallas

Everything is bigger in Dallas and our guest speaker was no exception. Chris Ebbeler, Director, Social Media & Community Engagement, Chili’s, gave a fun and entertaining presentation on Chili’s identity crisis. He shared how the brand used social media to engage with their audience in a relevant, authentic way, that had nothing to do with driving sales. Chili’s was saying farewell to a large portion of their menu – refocusing the brand on what Chili’s was best known for – burgers, fajitas and margaritas.

NetBase Quid team in Dallas

Chris described how they used social analytics to understand different consumer family segments in meaningful ways. And this insight helped them develop new content to drive reconsideration through cultural relevance, which included a humorous tip of the hat to the pumpkin spice trend that comes around every fall.

It was a behind-the-scenes look at how Chili’s developed a new multi-year strategy to understand and address audiences with the right content through the right channels. And it was pretty incredible.

We ended the Dallas seminar with Mike Baglietto, joined by Kevin Issadore, Director, NetBase Quid sharing the autonomous vehicle market/Telsa brand demonstration: Data Visualization in Action.

Day Three: Austin

Austin is quite the food town these days and the NetBase World Tour didn’t disappoint! Breakfast tacos ruled to morning, but those were just an appetizer to what was to follow.

Maggie Garcia, Associate Brand Manager, Wingstop shared how the brand monitors customer engagement and sentiment during the Super Bowl, which is Wingstop’s biggest event of the year. Fun facts included:

  • Americans were projected to eat 1.4B chicken wings on SuperBowl Sunday
  • Wingstop customers alone consumed 17.9 M chicken wings, the most ever on a SuperBowl Sunday for the Fast Casual brand

Maggie Garcia Associate Brand Manager Wingstop

Maggie explained the role of social analytics in the brand’s strategy for tracking customer engagement and satisfaction on game day. Wingstop sets up a “command center” to track and respond to customers in real-time on game day to make sure they have a great guest experience.

Using the sentiment analysis, Wingstop knew where to focus geographically when customers shared their feedback around long wait times and the inability to place orders on the web, allowing them to quickly address customers concerns, building loyalty and trust.

As a result, customer net sentiment on game day 2020 jumped an amazing +7% from 2019 game day. Wingstop will also be using NetBase to track new product launches and marketing campaigns in 2020. We can hardly wait to see what’s coming!

World Tour Wrap Up & More to Come!

And then Mike Baglietto and Caroline Cohen, Senior Sales Director, NetBase Quid presented an overview and a brief demonstration of best-in-class platform. They demonstrated the power of the newly merged company, and how it enables organizations to understand the story behind their customers, competitors and markets.

And we’re not done yet! Join us in Amsterdam or Washington D.C. on 3/3;  Berlin on 3/4; and, London or Denver on 3/5. We have an amazing speaker line-up and lots of next generation consumer and market intelligence to share. Reach out with any questions and look forward to seeing you there!

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