On October 13th, Americans were glued to their screens watching and commenting on first democratic presidential debate. The social analysts at NetBase were right there with them working to understand popular sentiment and, of course, the winner of the debate.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 4.27.00 PM

While both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton gave a commendable performance, Bernie was the real star when it came to social reach, indicating his high popularity among the social audience and Hillary registered the highest positive change in sentiment, indicating her message of being the first female candidate and her broad experience have resonated with the audience.

Here is the look at the social numbers and candidate sentiment during 24 hours leading up to the debate with the average sentiment during the debate.


Name Social Mentions Sentiment Pre-Debate Sentiment During Debate Sentiment Change
Bernie Sanders 570,477 56 62 6
Hillary Clinton 427,456 -1 38 39
Jim Webb 200,586 36 0 -36
Martin O’Malley 789,917 28 59 31
Lincoln Chafee 68,312 44 23 -21


The biggest losers of the debate were Jim Webb (negative 36 sentiment change) and Lincoln Chafee (negative 21 points sentiment change).


You can learn from debate coverage on the CNN and CBSNews, which features analytics from NetBase.

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