Everyone wants to be loved – brands included. But if consumers don’t love you – that’s on them, right?

Nope. If consumers don’t love you, it’s definitely your problem. But it’s one you can fix with social media listening.

What I Like About You

In romantic relationships, it’s not worth pursuing someone who’s” just not that into you.” However, the brand-consumer relationship can be swayed by paying a little attention to what consumers care about.

There are a number of differentiating factors consumers consider when choosing how they spend their hard-earned money:

  • Price
  • Perks like loyalty points and discounts
  • Quality of merchandise
  • Ease of the shopping experience – whether in-store or online
  • Customer service – both while shopping and when there are problems
  • Recommendation of friends, family, or other consumers on social media
  • The values of the brand – i.e., giving back to charity, ethical sourcing of materials, how they treat their employees, etc.

High or low marks on any of these points can leave consumers inspired to shop your brand – or determined to never do so again. The way to ensure it’s the latter is to drop any assumptions about what consumers want and use social media listening and sentiment analysis to find out for sure.

You Can’t Hurry Love

Understanding consumer passions is a long game. You’ve got to analyze social conversations regularly to know what you have to work with for upcoming brand initiatives. At the same time, you must keep tabs on trends in real-time to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity or make a misstep.

For example, how do consumers feel about Valentine’s Day? What data can you pull to inspire this year’s campaign?

Certainly you need to look back at last year’s results to see how closely you hit the mark with your Valentine’s campaign. But you also need to see what new information has been revealed since then to guide your efforts.

Is there a new product or service you can offer based on the interests consumers share with the greatest passion? How can you improve your customer experience by applying these insights? Which influencers make your audience swoon?

These are just a few of the considerations your analytics may encourage. The point is, it’s not about you – it’s about your audiences. Whatever they want is what you have to offer. Otherwise you find yourself losing ground.

Our European Love List showed consumers loved UK grocer Tesco for their recipes, as well as their #TriedForLess promotion.

What Tesco has to do now is continue monitoring social to ensure they still know what consumers want if their preferences should shift.

I Want You Back

Following the love can’t stop at your own brand, however. Insights gleaned from competitors are of great value in deciding what your next steps should be. And it’s why passion intensity – how strong consumer emotions are – is such a crucial metric.

Maybe your audience likes you a lot – but they are obsessed with one of your competitors. Apply your social listening tools to finding out why.

What is your competition doing better? Find out – and adjust accordingly. Where are they dropping the ball? Be sure their audience knows you have the goods to fill that gap.

Also don’t rely on the assumption you know who the competition is. The hashtags #etsy, #etsyshop, and #etsyseller in our Instant Search word cloud below – on search terms “Valentine’s Day” – indicate not everyone will be going to Jared for their gifts.

Remember that love’s opposite – hate – is another form of passion. Use sentiment analysis to understand the depth and reasoning behind any hate for your brand – and make the necessary changes.

Don’t let your pride get in the way. Remember, you do need consumers more than they need you. Listen to their feedback, learn what matters to them, and dedicate yourself to showing that you’re listening – and taking action.

The incremental steps are as important as any grand gesture. And it’s always, always about their feelings, not yours. Keep that in mind and you and your audience should have a long, love-filled relationship.

Want to see our social media listening tools evaluate consumer love for you brand? Get in touch and we’ll show you!



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