As part of my continued election coverage, I’m happy to be doing live analysis of the first Democratic Debate this Tuesday the 13th for NetBase. Tune into the NetBase LIVE Pulse during the broadcast for live Net Sentiment, Emerging Topics and More.

I’ll be offering real-time analysis of it all via the Twitter widget, visible on our LIVE Pulse page, to help you make sense of the data as it develops.

And as with the previous debates there will be plenty to talk about as the evening progresses. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

  • Feel the Burn: While Hillary Clinton has been the frontrunner for the party for a long time, Senator Bernie Sanders has made significant strides in the past few weeks and has about the same number of mentions as Hillary
  • O’Malley and Chafe: Lincoln Chafee and Martin O’Malley are the two candidates in the debate who aren’t Hillary or Bernie. What kind of impact can these make on the debate?
  • VP Joe: Vice President Joe Biden is still rumored to be announcing his presidential bid but has not officially done so. We’ll be covering how his absence from the debate affects the other candidates.
  • The Trump Card: How will the candidates respond to the outspoken Republican front–runner Donald Trump?

Tuesday night’s LIVE Pulse hosted by NetBase will put you at the heart of the action for the DNC Debate and power the stories you’ll be crafting immediately after the event. Watch the net sentiment shift and coalesce over the course of the evening and our analysis of what it all means right here.

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