Not every campaign can succeed – or can they? With social analytics, there’s no reason you can’t reasonably predict campaign success – when you have the right tools and approach. Here are some reasons your campaigns might be falling short – and ways to turn things around.

1. Campaigns Not Resonating with Your Target Audience

The best campaign idea in the world won’t work if your audience has no emotional connection to it.

Here’s the fix: Before going forward with any campaign idea, use social listening with sentiment analysis to see what grabs your target audience’s attention.

What topics are they invested most in? What matters to them? Unless you know, you shouldn’t attempt to engage them. It’s a waste of time and money. Better to spend those resources up front on tools that offer accurate insights to point you in the right direction.

It’s about the smarter spend.

Example: The International Peace Institute is the definition of “lean” – they have no marketing budget to speak of. They use social analytics to understand conversational topics around the theme of peace, content being shared, and the people sharing it.

This ensures their research reports cover information that matters to their audience, and everything they share achieves maximum reach organically.

2. Your Audience Is Too Broad

Social is a big place – a digital portal to nearly everyone in the world. Even within your own audience, it would be crazy to assume everyone cared about the same things and wanted to hear the same message – even about your brand.

Here’s the fix:

Use sentiment insights to divide your audience in feel-alike segments, then appeal to the individual passions of each.

Example: Land Rover does this well by appealing to both the luxury buyers and luxury aspirers in their audience. They use social analytics tools to identify these different consumers and share the right content for each.

This way they can talk to a broad audience of prospects without alienating their customers, who value a different type of exclusivity in their messaging.

3. Engagement Lagging

With any social campaign, engagement is important. If your audience isn’t interacting with and sharing your posts, you’re essentially talking to yourself. And that doesn’t get you anywhere.

Here’s the fix: Use social analytics to identify the channels and content most likely to work, as well as the influencers who can help you on each channel.

Example: Zenni Optical saw a 9655% return on investment by using social analytics to create an online quiz. The “What frames are perfect for you?” sunglasses quiz was based on 8 customer personas crafted from audience analytics.

It drew on the emotions and behaviors expressed in online conversation about sunglasses clueing the brand in to the wants, needs, lifestyles, and triggers of their audience. More than 500K people took the quiz online, generating over $1 million in online revenue.

What’s great about Zenni’s case is it reminds us that channels aren’t limited to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your website, and other online sources – like blogs, forums, review sites, etc. – count as well.

And what about influencers? Finding them helps your message get shared in a more natural way – by people more likely to be trusted by your target consumers.

Agency David & Goliath made great use of Stance’s influencers to amplify their Super Bowl ad – partnering the challenger sock brand with auto brand Kia. It was brilliant and successful – and another example of using influencers in a creative way.

4. You’re Forgetting the Basics

Whatever your goals, there are some go-to tactics that should be part of every campaign – if you’re not using them, of course you’re not getting the results you want.

Here’s the fix: Use your social analytics tools in the ways they were intended by:

  • Listening to what consumers are saying; find the strongest emotions, create segments, find inspiration in their conversations
  • Analyzing conversations and sentiment about competitors as well; figure out how you stack up and adjust accordingly
  • Looking for trends worth exploiting, using social analytics as your guide; not every trend is a fit, but you have to spot a trend before you can decide
  • Following analytics in real-time and pivoting as needed; if you don’t measure your campaign’s results until it’s over, you’re stuck with that outcome – even worse, you may not get a second chance

With state-of-the-art social analytics tools, you have everything you need to ensure your campaigns are always on target. That, and a little bit of creativity, just might win you the world.

Want to see exactly how it works? We’ll show you all the features of our suite of social media analytics tools. Just reach out!



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