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Brands and marketers know the value of social listening as a consumer engagement and customer service tool – but there’s actually a lot more social media intelligence can offer. On July 12 we’ll talk about the details in the webinar How Social Listening Ignites Marketing Success, hosted by the American Marketing Association.

The evolution of social media analytics

In the early days of social data it was all about numbers. How many mentions, retweets, likes, comments, shares – these were the metrics brands and marketers cared about. Over time we’ve seen a shift to social customer service and the protection of brand reputational health as real-time monitoring has gained traction.

And now we’re witnessing another development in the social data realm – audience marketing. Instead of focusing on how consumers respond to what marketers put out, marketers must now consider consumers in the content creation process – using social listening to understand what consumers want and give it to them.

This audience-centric approach is recognition that consumers hold the power on social media – able to make or break brands by amplifying marketing messages, or amplifying dissatisfied consumers’ messages.

To persuade sharing of brand messaging, audiences must be courted and influencers identified. Sentiment must be accounted for in social data, and communication must be human-to-human, not brand-to-prospect or customer.

But this deep understanding of audiences, while benefitting consumers, offers a lot to brands as well.

Social media intelligence as a guidance system

Social thought leader Jason Falls, who’ll present at the webinar along with NetBase Senior Director of Product Marketing Chris Leet, knows what marketing leaders need. He also knows these needs can be met by audience-centric social listening:

“CMOs care about three core KPIs. They want to drive customer acquisition, customer retention and brand value. Social listening done from an audience perspective surfaces the critical insights brands need to deliver on those three objectives. Not implementing it as a practice is simply foolish.”

Foolish indeed when each of these key areas can be strengthened by social listening.

Jason and Chris will delve into exactly how during the webinar, but it comes down to brands meeting consumers at a human level and showing them they care about the things that matter most to them. When brands see a person instead of a purchase, and act accordingly, it goes a lot further in cementing consumer loyalty.

Beyond demographics

What’s most amazing is the way this innovation in social listening expands brand audiences. Marketers may start social outreach with an idea of their audience in mind, but they don’t know what they don’t know – until they stumble upon it.

Analyzing from the audience perspective opens up endless doors to these discoveries. Instead of limiting messaging to a gender or generation like “male Millennials,” marketers can segment audiences by common interests, and craft messaging that resonates personally with as many segments as they want to address.

Listening to what social users are actually saying, instead of brands assuming they know what they want to hear, reveals a world of insights and trends brands would never have access to any other way. And this concrete, real-time data gives the C-suite everything it needs to guide brand decisions confidently.

This is just a fraction of what we’ll cover at the webinar How Social Listening Ignites Marketing Success. And as a bonus, those who register will get a free copy of Jason’s new white paper, The Audience Perspective: How Innovation in Social Listening Ignites Marketing Success. We’ll see you July 12 at noon Central Time.

Can’t attend? Ask us how NetBase can help you see things from the audience perspective with our suite of social analytics tools.

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