Whether you’re a global brand looking for market distinctions, or a local brand to a specific area, sentiment analysis plays a huge part in brand strategy. Let’s see how with a look at the new NetBase Brand Passion Report 2018: Top Loved German Brands.

In this new report, we looked at the overall top loved brands in the six key industries in Germany as discussed on social media channels (German-language posts) from January, 2017 through December, 2017.

Here are some insights brands around the world can apply.

Home Isn’t Necessarily Where the Love Is

We ranked the top five brands by a weighted average of total mentions, sentiment, reach and awareness.

Of the top five, two are Technology brands, two are Automotive brands, and one is a Beauty brand. The top three loved brands – Google, Mercedes Benz, and DM DrogerieMarkt – generated nearly half (47 percent) of total share of mentions for the 36 brands we ranked. That’s a lot of love.

It gets more interesting when we look at the Technology category on its own. Google slays the competition with 68.8 percent of mentions and total engagements per post.

The takeaway? You don’t have to be a German brand to earn the love of German consumers – and that concept applies to all brands in all regions. It’s not about where you’re from, or where your audience lives, as much as what you offer that audience.

For German consumers, something like Google Maps working better than their car’s built-in navigation system is enough to keep the brand on top.

Passion for Porsche

Speaking of cars, which brand has the most passionate audience, and why? Well, it depends on how you break things down.

Mercedes rules as far as Total Engagement (23M+) and Engagements Per Post (over 1K) – and their Formula 1 success and the German Touring Car championship have a lot to do with that. Love for Lewis Hamilton illustrates the power celebrity influencers can have on your brand.

And yet, it’s important to remember mentions aren’t everything. Passion for your brand is not something to shrug off – and Porsche certainly knows that. They may not see as many mentions or engagements per post, but their fans are devoted to them, judging by their 90 percent passion intensity.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen needs to work to regain a bit of consumer love after their emissions scandal. They’ll need to focus on what consumers care about most with regard to automotive brands, and prove they can be trusted to deliver it.

Careful social monitoring is necessary to keep their efforts from being sabotaged by continued reminders of the scandal.

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Distributor

Beauty brands offer another twist in the social data – namely the popularity of store brands carrying beauty care products over the beauty brands themselves.

In this instance, DM DrogerieMarkt dominates the conversation, accounting for more than 50 percent of mentions across six brands analyzed.

However, mentions aren’t all that matter. Beauty brands Maybelline and Catrice are both getting greater engagements per post – meaning better owned/earned media value – than DM DrogerieMarkt.

Meanwhile, Essence – another brand available at DM DrogerieMarkt – gets a lot of love for being fun, affordable, and cruelty free. They took third for overall mentions, and fourth for engagements per post, with high sentiment of 84 percent.

If Essence is smart, they’re looking at their competitors, and highlighting this facet of their brand because others can’t compete with it.

Fashion, Food, Luxury and More

Our report covers the top German brands in the Fashion, Food and Luxury categories as well – so be sure you download it to see all the insights we uncovered. Or join us in London for NetBase Live this May, and hear more directly from the brands using social analytics tools to succeed.

The common denominator is love beyond the norm – which is what all brands hope to achieve. The key to doing so is using social listening and sentiment analysis to uncover the why behind consumer behaviors, and target your efforts accordingly.

It’s how these brands became tops with German audiences – and it’s how your brand will become tops with yours.

Be sure to download the NetBase Brand Passion Report 2018: Top Loved German Brands today – and reach out to see our sentiment analysis tools in action.



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