What’s Your Favorite Beer?

by Anna Startseva @annastartse Marketing Manager, NetBase

Spring is not only the season when people begin talking about love, but also about their love of beer. Numbers tell that there is about 35% more online chatter about beer between St. Patrick’s Day in March and 4th of July, than during the rest of the year. With St. Patrick’s Day here, I wanted to see how Americans celebrate with their favorite beverage.

Guinness vs. Murphy’s

Guinness beer is definitely the St. Patrick’s Day favorite with online chatter growing 10 times when compared with the rest of the year. Why do people love Guinness? Many mention its rich and smooth flavor, low calorie content and the fact that it’s actually good for you.

However, not all this chatter is positive. While lots of people are talking about Guinness, there are quite a few complaining about the strong flavor and the difficulty they have drinking Guinness quickly.

Murphy’s may be a great alternative for those who want to enjoy a traditional Irish stout and are ready to move on from Guinness. While Murphy’s beer is not as well known as Guinness, those who taste it enjoy it a lot according to NetBase Brand Passion Index. People like it because of the sweeter and less tangy taste than Guinness. So if you are in the mood for something new and have not tasted a Murphy’s before, consider giving it a try this St. Patrick’s Day.


How Other Beers Compare

I looked at several of America’s favorite beers to determine which are most liked. According to the Brand Passion Index, Guinness and Bud Light are most talked about beers. However, they are not necessarily the most liked. Murphy’s and Samuel Adams are better liked than Guinness, Bud Light or Miller Lite.


Murphy’s still has a long way to go before it becomes a household name, but Samuel Adams is already a favorite. Samuel Adams is well liked by the growing number of Americans switching to craft beers. People who talk about Sam Adams mention that they enjoy the taste and seasonal brews. Many mention feeling good about drinking a craft beer, enjoying the local feel and variety as well as “beating the brand name”.

Top Cities for St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day here, I was curious to find out where people are talking about it the most. People are most excited about the holiday in New York, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. If you are on the West Coast, but still want to celebrate your inner Irish, the best place to celebrate was Los Angeles. The city had a ton of chatter about events and parties to satisfy everyone’s taste.

What Women Want

St. Patrick’s is well loved by both men and women with online buzz divided pretty equally between genders. However, when analyzing Guinness, Murphy’s, Budweiser, Miller Lite and Samuel Adams, I noticed that men dominated about three-quarters of the conversations. So what are women drinking on St. Patrick’s Day?

I ran a gender filter to see how the conversation about beer and St. Patrick’s Day changes. The party favorites most often mentioned by women are: Guinness, Smirnoff, Margaritas and Jell-O (I’m sure these are shots). And now we know what women really want.


Twitter is Great for Beer

Twitter is the most prolific source of beer conversations online. In fact, Twitter is responsible for hosting over 80% of all the chatter analyzed. Beer advertisers should consider Promoted Tweets to age-appropriate consumers to reach their target audience and maximize ROI.

And Remember Beer is Good for You

If you are feeling guilty about enjoying that extra pint this spring, please remember:

  1. Guinness is low calorie. In fact, it has fewer calories than a glass of OJ.
  2. Beer is good for you. Drinking beer strengthens your bones and teeth because it gives you a healthy dose of silicon.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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